Coolest BBQ Birthday Cake

First I should point out that I am the least creative person EVER, but I was so inspired by the cakes I saw on this site and needed a cake for my granddaughter’s “Over the Hedge” birthday party! I must confess that I was in a time crunch, so I “cheated” by having a 10″ layer cake made at Sam’s Club, but once home I was able to decorate in about 20 minutes, EASY, EASY, EASY!

I made hot dogs, etc. as was suggested on this site from Starburst and Tootsie roll candies (spray small Pyrex bowl with Pam before melting the pieces in microwave). I painted my round cake cooling rack with black icing (also used this icing to paint grill markings on hot dogs, etc.). Placed a “ring” of licorice Twizzlers (2) in the chocolate icing around the top edge of cake for a little height. I used red & orange colored sugar sprinkles, a few tiny pieces (1/4″) of licorice Twizzlers and a bit of sifted powdered sugar to create the look of hot coals in the center of cake.

Set cake rack with hot dogs, etc. onto the licorice circle and “hot coals” on the top of cake.Done!

Using the cooling rack as the BBQ grill was very convenient when it came time to cut the cake, simply remove and set aside!

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