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Coolest Father’s Day BBQ Cake

This father’s day BBQ cake was inspired by a similar one I saw on the Wilton website. This one is a 2-layer 10 inch white cake.

Ahead of time I made the burgers and hot dogs out of candy clay. The recipe can be found on the Wilton website. I used chocolate candy clay for the burgers, and white candy clay which I tinted red for the hot dogs and yellow for the cheese.

I used black edible marker for the grill marks on the hot dogs. I also made the rim of the BBQ out of candy clay which I tinted grey.

I iced the side of the cake in grey buttercream and the top in black buttercream. I placed the rim on the top of the cake and molded it to fit. The grill rack was made of lollipop sticks cut to the desired lengths and wrapped in tinfoil. I pressed these into the BBQ rim and then placed the food on top.

I added yellow & orange buttercream writing and a buttercream grass bottom border.

15 thoughts on “Coolest Father’s Day BBQ Cake”

  1. This cake so neat! I’m not for sure where you get the candy clay but I’ve seen on another website that it is sold in Wal-mart. I think you could get mini marshmallows and cover them with chocolate and use them as coals.

  2. Thanks for the awesome idea! My dad loved this. I used black food coloring to make it gray (just a few drops). You can bend the tip of a toothpick to make it kind of paintbrush like and use black food coloring to paint grill marks on the food. Turned out amazing!

  3. I made this today for Fathers Day and used fondant for the burgers, hot dogs and rim. Turned out great…thanks for the idea!!

  4. So cute, I’m planning on making this for my husband this father’s day, and I plan to make cake balls and shape them as meat patties and hot dogs because white chocolate is so easy to color!!! Pray for me y’all Lol


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