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Beautiful Luau Cake for 7th Birthday

This was a three day project starting with the handmade fondant decorations. I nearly tore a fingernail off needing the color into the fondant! It probabbly took about 3 to 4 hrs to make just the hula girl alone. She lost an arm along the way which as you can imagine was very frustrating in itself.

Then onto the beach animals. The starfish were easy. I just used a star shaped cutter and used food coloring and a toothpick for the eye. The crabs were fairly simple as well just shaped them out of fondant. The tiki masks and surfboards were pretty easy just a little time consuming. The turtle and parrot were last minute creations. The palm trees weren’t too hard either just pressed out spearmint leaves and attached them to a green gumdrop then stuck a pretzel rod in the bottom.

I had originally had the turtle on the beach (made of crushed graham crackers) but had to move it to brace a palm tree that kept trying to fall over. To make the cake itself I used 3 cake mixes. The bottom layer is a 12in. Then a 6in and a 4in stacked on top. I just free hand carved the waterfall area and got started frosting which was pretty fast about a half hour to 45 mins. Then I added the tube wafer cookies for bamboo fencing then put in the palm trees using the grass tip to secure them in place, then I attached the parrot to the top tree and put the hula girl in place.

Then I added the various other decorations and sprinkled the crushed graham crackers and put the beach decorations on. It was one of the funnest most frusterating cakes I have ever done, but well worth it. The birthday girl was thrilled and everyone at the party loved it.

Beautiful Luau Cake for 7th Birthday

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