Coolest Luau Birthday Cake

My granddaughter asked me to make her a cake for her Luau Birthday party with palm trees. She only gave me a twenty four hour notice. I went shopping for cake decorations but could only find Halloween goodies so I began thinking of ways to make trees and sand. I asked for advice from friends and family but no one could come up with anything. I was sitting in the chair at my beauty salon when the idea hit so as soon as my hair was finished I rushed to the store for the needed ingredients for this Luau Birthday Cake.

One white cake mix

Box of Confectioners Sugar

Graham cracker crumbs

Pepperidge Farm creme filled Pirouette wafers

Green fruit roll ups

Almond extract

Wilton blue sparkle gel


paper umbrellas

The white cake was mixed according to the package directions with the addition of 2 teaspoons of almond extract. I baked it in a 13×9

sheet cake pan. While the cake was baking I prepared the buttercream icing using the confectioners sugar ,Crisco, water, milk and almond extract.

Once the cake was completely cooled the work began. First the entire cake was frosted with the white butter cream icing and smoothed. The second step was to apply the graham cracker crumbs all over the top of the cake to resemble a sandy beach. Of course no beach luau is complete without a lagoon which was added by applying a generous amount of the Wilton blue sparkle gel.

Now the palm trees had to be created. I used the Pirouette rolled wafers as the tree bases and green fruit roll ups cut into strips as the palm fronds. The fruit roll up strips were attached to the rolled wafers with a dab of butter cream frosting. The trees were then placed into the cake around the lagoon, each tree was secured in place with more butter cream frosting piped around in stars.

Two small paper umbrellas were then placed on each side. I also added coconuts under each tree by cutting Whoppers (malted milk balls) in half (I took the picture before adding the coconuts). The border around the top and bottom of the cake was to resemble bamboo and was made of varying sizes of rolled wafer pieces secured to the cake with butter cream frosting.

When I tried to write the happy birthday message on the beach the icing would not stick to the graham cracker crumbs so I cut several strips from the fruit roll ups and wrote the message on the strips. The message was then easily placed on the “Sandy Beach”. The cake was a big hit, my granddaughter loved it especially since the palm trees and coconuts were edible.

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