Coolest Hula Girl Birthday Cake

We were hosting my daughter’s 3rd birthday party and we were having a family luau. For the Hula Girl Birthday Cake I wanted a hula dancer. I made a doll cake using the Wilton doll cake pan and mounting it on a single round layer cake (to make it taller).

Using a single hole tip with yellow icing I covered the entire bottom with strands of frosting (grass) to create a grass skirt. I added simple flowers for a lei and decoration around the waist on the Barbie and used milk duds (cut in half) for the coconuts.

I also made cupcake cones to look like palm trees (not shown in this picture, but also on this site). For the Palm Tree cupcake cones: I made cup cakes in ice cream cones and used a leaf tip to mimic palm fronds. Then added milk duds for coconuts. I added sugar in the raw as sand, around the skirt of the hula girl.

6 thoughts on “Coolest Hula Girl Birthday Cake”

  1. I love the cake you made. Your creativity astounds me with the grass skirt, milk dud coconuts, and the “sand.” Awesome job!

  2. What a great idea! I was hoping to find one just like this. I would have never thought to use the milk duds! Thank you! It is awesome!

  3. I was googling for a hula doll cake for my 14yr old party. she always wanted ” doll cake” but then would back out and ask for something else. this year she’s having a luau and thinks it’s just hula doll cupcakes, I wanted to surprise her since my grandma ( her great grandma 81yr young) really wanted to do this every year, your posting this cake is a answer from God, we will be using it as a pattern thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I can’t find your palm tree cupcake cones, do you know what section they are in? Love your Hula Girl, btw!

  5. Thanks so much for posting this picture …your ideas for this cake are amazing! She came out wonderful! I am excited to try something like it for my grandchild who is celebrating her birthday in 3 days! Thanks again

  6. I love your ideas for this cake, especially the milk duds for the coconuts!! I will be making this for my grandaughter Julia’s 6th luau birthday party next saturday.

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