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Beautiful Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

Getting my daughter to decide on a design for her Sweet 16 Birthday Cake was nearly impossible, but a week before her birthday, after I committed to two other cakes, she tells me what she wants. We are not having a big party, so I’m like, oh nothing fancy, it’s just family, I can whip one out easy peasy!

Apparently I don’t know my daughter that well after 16 years! Little girl tells me she wants a three tiered, pink cake with quilting, bling, and some flowers on it. One tier is to be chocolate with whipped chocolate gnache, one tier red velvet with cream cheese icing, and one strawberry with strawberry icing. Oh, no big deal, I won’t sleep this weekend ! I finally talked her down a tier, and made this two tiered beauty.

Bottom tier is chocolate with the whipped chocolate gnache. The second tier is strawberry with cream cheese icing. A birthday is not a birthday around here without cream cheese icing! I cover most all of my cakes in modeling chocolate. It’s a lot more forgiving than the marshmallow fondant I have made in the past.

I wrapped the tiers with some blingy ribbon, added a few little white chocolate roses, (dusted with pink of course), and attempted a silver flower stencil around the cake. I used the silver color mist. The first stencil turned out great, but the others were just a big hot mess! Being the queen of improvisation, I dabbed silver color mist with my stencil sponge, so it totally looked like I meant to do that!

Baby girl loved her cake, and so did the family members she allowed to have a piece! She seriously wanted it all for herself. First time I think she regrets being in a big family! Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my cake!

Beautiful Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

Beautiful Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

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