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Coolest Birthday Cake Idea – A Hamburger Cake!

For this birthday cake idea, I used three 9-inch round cakes for the hamburger. I only frosted the center cake (chocolate) to look like the hamburger patty. I colored coconut green for the “lettuce” and used red, white, and yellow icing for the condiments.

I used red and green gumdrops (flattened) for the pickles and tomato. I topped the top bun with rice cereal to look like sesame seeds. For the fries, I baked a 9-inch square cake and simply cut it into strips. I then topped the “fries” with red icing to look like ketchup. This was made for my husband’s work.

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Hamburger birthday cake idea by Sandra W., Arlington, VA

Hamburger Cake

I found the recipe for this cake design by doing a search on Google for “hamburger cake”.

My niece’s birthday theme was a backyard Bar-B-Que and this was perfect. The hamburger gets its realism from crushed cookies pressed into the chocolate icing. The cakes are pound cakes so that they will hold a more solid looking shape. The top bun was cooked in a rounded casserole.

It was my idea to add the fries which were made from sugar cookies cut into long strips before baking. The ketchup is frosting of course. It was a big hit!

Hamburger Cake

Hamburger birthday cake idea by Julie N., Hamilton, IN

Hamburger Cake

This cheeseburger cake was done with 2 mixes in 3 layers.  Tinting the frosting the right color for the bun and the cheese was the hardest part.

Frost the bottom layer in ‘bun-colored’ frosting and add lettuce and tomato slices.  Lettuce is made with tinted candy melts poured to the desired shape on waxed paper. Tomato slices are also done with candy melts and may be done in small flexible containers such as empty margarine tubs.

Add the burger frosted with chocolate frosting.  Top the burger with cheese.  Cheese was done by frosting graham crackers with orange-tinted frosting.  Ketchup and mustard may be applied, if desired.  Decorator tubes work well for this.

Add the top bun and add sesame seeds if desired.  Seeds may be slivered almonds, shredded coconut pieces, shredded white chocolate or anything else that comes to mind.  If you like lots of frosting, you can always add a big pickle to the plate made with deep green frosting.  Use a toothpick to dimple the pickle here and there.  Enjoy

Hamburger birthday cake idea by Sherri P., Havre de Grace, MD

Hamburger Cake

When my daughter was little she called cheeseburgers burgercheeses so for her 14th birthday I made this burgercheese cake with french fries.

This cake design was made with 3 round cake pans and one square pan. I cut out the fries and stacked the burger iced with Wilton colors

Hamburger birthday cake idea by Denise M., Renton, WA

Hamburger Cake

My son, Zachery, was celebrating his 5th Birthday. He wanted a Scooby-Doo theme, and chose a Hamburger-shaped cake for his single candle of Scooby-Doo eating a hamburger. Perfect and very simple.

I started by baking 2-9″ round cakes – yellow cake mix – making sure to sprinkle sesame seeds on one before baking. I also baked one 8″ chocolate round cake. (Do up the rest of the batter as cupcakes.) Let cool.

Then use one of the 9″ round, yellow cakes for the bottom of your hamburger (bun). REMEMBER TO USE THE ONE WITH NO SESEME SEEDS FIRST.

I did up some frosting tinted green (for lettuce). Using a piping bag, add frosting into bag with a wavy tip inserted. Or you could just spread a little on the edges of the open faced cake. You won’t need to frost the (bun) part at all unless you want to spread white frosting on first to look like mayonnaise. Just pipe your green frosting here and there on the (bun) part of your cake. Remember to put enough on, so that when you place the chocolate cake piece on top of the yellow (bun), you don’t see empty spots.

After placing the chocolate round (meat patty), pipe the green frosting again. You could also tint up some red (for tomatoes) and Orange (for Cheese). The orange could be smoothed on with a knife. Making triangles flopping over the edge is cute, as if it’s melting over the side.

Now, place the other yellow cake (with sesame seeds – bun top). You’re done with this cool birthday cake idea!

Hamburger birthday cake idea by Kara B., Warwick, RI

Hamburger Cake

I used two 9 inch round cake pans. I put the first one down and shaved it to be flat. Then I placed the 2nd one on top and rounded it to resemble the shape of a hamburger bun.

I frosted it with a peachy tan color. I did not use a tip in my frosting bag with the dark chocolate icing in order to make the burger patty look fat. Then I used the leaf tip for the lettuce and the writing tip for the ketchup and mustard. I then used coloring spray in a red color to make the bun look toasted and sprinkled graham crumbs on top for the sesame seeds.

Hamburger birthday cake idea by Lucy C., Melbourne, Australia

Hamburger Cake

Inspired by this website and Sandra’s Hamburger birthday cake idea, I made my version for my godson’s 6th Birthday. It was a collaborative effort with his mother as we thought up interesting ways to create the fillings. We had so many ideas we had to limit what actually went into the burger! My godson LOVED his cake and all his friends were impressed by the birthday cake idea. The mothers at the party were amazed it was all homemade and so easy! We weren’t too sure how all the flavours would mix together, but it was delicious!

I’m Australian so some of the ingredients may have slightly different names, but I’ve tried to include the USA equivalents! Ingredients:

  • 2 x Plain butter cake recipe
  • Cocoa
  • “Port wine” flavoured jelly crystals
  • Green (Apple) Licorice
  • Strawberry Jam/Jelly
  • Plain Flour Icing Sugar (powdered sugar?)
  • Food Colourings
  • Rollable icing/fondant
  • Sesame seeds
  • Wooden skewers.

Method for creating this hamburger birthday cake idea:

Mix up the double butter cake recipe together (I used one that created a dense cake similar to pound cake, rather than a light sponge cake).

To create the “bun”: Put 2/3 of the double cake mixture into a clean mixing bowl with round base that has been greased. Bake in oven for appropriate time (which was longer than the recommended baking time as it was quite deep).

To create the “meat patty”: Mix the other 1/3 of the cake mix with cocoa (approx 1/2 cup) then bake in a normal round baking pan. Turn out and cool.

To Assemble this birthday cake idea: We were planning on icing the “bun” but the colour that it cooked was just perfect to replicate a real bread bun! Take the domed “bun” created in the mixing bowl and chop off approximately 1 inch from the widest/flat end to create the base, trim the edges so that it fits to the same size (or just slightly larger) than the “meat patty” chocolate cake.

Place the base on the tray you plan to serve the cake on. To create the beetroot (a very Australian thing to have in a hamburger!) mix the jelly crystals with boiling water, make it with 1/3 of the water required by the instructions on the packet. Pour mix into the bottom of muffin tins making them 1/4″ deep. Refrigerate until set.

Mix the rollout icing with Yellow food colouring to replicate “cheese”, then roll into a large flat square that is approximately the same width as the “meat patty”. Place onto the base with corners over hanging.

Mix the Strawberry Jam/Jelly with enough plain flour that it looks opaque like tomato ketchup/sauce, spread over the “cheese” close to the edge, with an extra dollop on each corner (this will squeeze out once all the layers are on top).

Place the “meat patty” chocolate cake on top.

For the “lettuce” take the strips of green licorice and roll out until very thin (may need to be heated in the microwave for a couple of seconds to soften), place on top of “meat patty”.

To create “mustard”, mix icing sugar with yellow food colouring, you want this to be reasonably thick, so only add a drop or two of water if necessary. Dollop onto the top of the licorice, don’t smooth out.


Remove the “beetroot” from the muffin tray by placing the base of it in hot water to loosen the rounds. Place on the cake, and then finally, put the rounded “bun” on top.

Secure this with the wooden skewers poked through all the way to the base.

Hamburger Cake

Before serving, top with sesame seeds (and a birthday candle!!)

Other ideas we had for fillings included: flat fruit concentrates (the brand we have are called “roll-ups” which come in a variety of colours), colouring whipped cream with red for sauce; tomato created using iced sugar biscuits/cookies; colour white chocolate plastic with green for lettuce (white chocolate plastic is moldable and contains chocolate with corn syrup).

Another birthday cake idea we considered to keep the food colouring down, was to use fruits to replicate vegetables: kiwi fruit for pickles, strawberries for tomatoes, green melon for lettuce, passion fruit butter/curd for mustard, apples for onions, pineapple for “cheese”, raspberry puree for sauce.

Enjoy this Hamburger birthday cake idea!

Hamburger birthday cake idea by Heather F., Oil City, PA

Hamburger Cake

Firstly, I would like to say that I am not a very good cook, and that this cake was very simple for me, so it should be simple for ANYONE!!!

For my birthday cake idea I chose a hamburger cake because it satisfies everyone’s tastes. I used white cake, brownie, fresh fruit, pudding and frosting.

For the first step, I baked two 9 x 9 white cakes as followed by the boxed instructions. I let my cake set overnight to ensure that it was completely cooled and did not tear easily. I trimmed the one cake so that the top was flat by running a knife parallel with the platter.

Next, I cooked a 9 x 9 brownie as directed by the box. Again, this was allowed to set overnight. You also will want to make your vanilla pudding (as directed) and chop your fresh strawberries (like hearts) and kiwi into slices.

Birthday cake idea assembly:  Place “bottom bun” onto plate or platter. Flip brownie over and frost the bottom with chocolate frosting. Before putting the “patty” onto the “bun”, you’ll need to spread the strawberries onto the bottom “bun”. Allow the strawberries to hang over the edge a little. This will allow the “tomato” to be seen more easily.

Now you’ll need to carefully place the “patty” onto the “bun” frosting side down. Now you can frost the top of the brownie and add the layer of kiwi to resemble lettuce. Again, let the kiwi hang slightly over the edge so you can easily see the “lettuce”.

Here is where you’ll use the vanilla pudding. Spread just enough in the center over the kiwi slices so that your “hamburger” is not too dry. You don’t really want this to ooze out, but it will be noticeable when the cake is cut. This is a cute way to add “mayo” to your “hamburger”.

Now you place the top “bun” on top of the “mayo”. I did not need to trim this in any way. I have seen many cakes that were frosted on top, but I found that it was better to leave the cake as is. I do not like a whole lot of frosting and did not want the dessert to be too sweet.

I wasn’t able to get a completely finished picture, but as a final touch, I spread caramel over the top bun and sprinkled toffee over it to resemble sesame seeds.  My cake as pictured is a little different, but it was the first time I made one and messed up my order a little. The way I have directed above will make it much cleaner.

My cake started to fall apart a little (well, more like ooze all over). Anyway, I hope that you enjoy your cake as we did ours!!! This birthday cake idea is a great way to celebrate for someone you love!!!

Hamburger birthday cake idea by Kim B., Hilliard, Ohio

Hamburger Cake

I got this birthday cake idea from this website.  Since my son’s favorite food in the entire world is a “cheeseburger, ketchup only” I thought it would be perfect for him.  We decided to use a Sponge Bob SquarePants theme and call the cake a Krabby Patty.

I used a 9 in round pan for the bottom bun and a 10 in round for the “meat” The top bun was baked in a Pyrex mixing bowel.  All together I used 3 cake mixes to give it a larger than life feel.

I had planned on using colored icing to mimic the look of ketchup, lettuce etc., but I lucked out.  Wilton has a candy making kit called “Burger Blast”, all the pickles, onions, tomatoes were actually candy made in the olds which came with the kit (SOOOOOO easy to use and fun- the kids loved this birthday cake idea!).

Hamburger Cake

The slices of American cheese looked amazingly realistic.  I recommend making extra “condiments” because the kids were all fighting to try them!  It took a little coaxing to get my son to try the onion.  He kept saying “but I don’t like onions”. Thanks to this site for helping me with my birthday cake idea!

Hamburger birthday cake idea by Becky Z., North Miami, FL

Hamburger Cake

Here is my hamburger birthday cake idea: I used two 8″ round cakes which were used for the hamburger bun. I leveled one cake, using it for the bottom bun and iced the trimmed part in chocolate to look like burger meat. The cheese and tomato slice are fondant, lettuce and mustard are butter cream. This is a fun birthday cake idea!

Hamburger birthday cake idea by Bridget J., Mesquite, NV

Hamburger Cake

We had a pool party with a barbeque. So, to go with the barbeque theme, I decided on a hamburger birthday cake idea. I used different ideas I had seen on the Internet to put this birthday cake idea together.

I made 3 cakes: 2 yellow (1-8″ round and 1-9″ round), one chocolate (9″ round), and cupcakes with the rest of the chocolate batter. I chopped up pecans and sprinkled them on top of the 8″ round yellow cake before baking it (this makes a great and tasty effect of a real bun top).

I set the bottom yellow cake on my plate and put a layer of chocolate frosting. I then set the chocolate cake on top of that and frosted just the chocolate cake.

With white frosting and some food coloring I made little baggies of yellow (cheese), green (lettuce), and red (catsup or tomato). Then I drew on the lines for the cheese so that I could see where I needed to place the Oreo crumbs to give the hamburger texture.

This was a little difficult, but with the bottom ‘bun’ not frosted, it was easy clean up.

Hamburger Cake

After getting the Oreo crumbs in place, I frosted the top edge of the chocolate cake to look like cheese, lettuce and catsup. Then I carefully placed the top ‘bun’ on top in the center. This birthday cake idea turned out awesome! The kids thought it was great and very tasty!

Hamburger birthday cake idea by Liz A., St. Cloud, FL

Hamburger Cake

For my daughter’s 5th birthday, we wanted to come up with an unusual birthday cake idea for her. We searched the internet for ideas and liked the hamburger birthday cake idea on this site.

After searching through the kitchen pantry and borrowing ideas off the Internet, we made a “cheeseburger” cake and “French fries.” The top (or bun) is made from a yellow pound cake baked in a Pyrex bowl. The bottom is made from a yellow cake mix baked in a round pan and both are iced with peanut butter frosting.

With this birthday cake idea, the burger is made from a chocolate cake mix and iced with chocolate frosting mixed with crushed chocolate cookie crumbs. We used three graham crackers iced with orange frosting to mimic cheese slices and green frosting piped at the bottom of the burger to look like lettuce.

I also sprinkled some halved peanuts on top to resemble sesame seeds. We sliced baked sugar cookies to make them look like French fries and drizzled red food coloring over them to look like ketchup. Since there are three boxed cake mixes in this birthday cake idea, I recommend using lots of icing so it’s not so dry.

This birthday cake idea was a big hit!

Hamburger Cake