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Coolest Hamburger Cake Ideas and Cake Decorating Tips

This hamburger cake was for my son’s fifth birthday. He specifically asked for a krabby patty cake. I got the idea like most others on here from this website. It was such an easy cake and it was super fun!

First I baked three separate cake mixes, two yellow and one chocolate. Then I made butter flavored buttercream icing and colored it a light brown for the “buns”. The “condiments” are made of pre colored fondant. For the “pickles” I used a toothpick and pressed lines in them for a real pickle effect. For the “patty”, after it cooled I used a bread knife to cut around the top and bottom edges to round it off to help make it look like a real meat patty.

If you ever get a chance to make this hamburger cake then do it. It’s a great way to let your imagination go wild because you can add so many other things.

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Hamburger cake by Ashleigh M., DC

Hamburger Cake

This hamburger cake was surprisingly simple. I just used two boxed yellow cake mixes, one for the buns and one for the burger. I used two 9″ round 1.5″ deep pans for the buns and one 8″ round 2″ deep pan for the burger.

After baking the cakes and letting them cool the rest is applying the icing. Use milk chocolate icing for the burger, red for the tomatoes, green for the pickles and yellow for the cheese. Only ice what will be visible when the top bun is in place. Do not put icing on the buns! For the sesame seeds just use Rice Krispie cereal.

Hamburger cake by Tonja A., Gresham, OR

Hamburger Cake

My husband’s birthday is near Memorial Day and we always spend it at the beach with the family. This year he wanted a big bar-b-queue so we continued down to the cake. The buns of the hamburger cake are a vanilla cake mix baked in 8 inch pans. I leveled the bottom one and left the top rounded to form the bun.

The “meat” is a dark chocolate cake mix also baked in a 8 inch pan (I used the remaining batter for some cupcakes). After the cakes cooled overnight I frosted the bottom bun in buttercream frosting, topped it with the chocolate cake and frosted that one in chocolate fudge frosting then I added colored buttercream frosting to make the lettuce and melted cheese.

I then drizzled raspberry all fruit for the ketchup. Since we like raspberry I made sure it was all over the cake. I put the top bun on and inserted about four drinking straws that were cut just a little shorter than the cake to help hold it together. I frosted the top with more buttercream and sprinkled on some crisp rice cereal for the sesame seed bun.

Everyone loved it and the best part was slicing the cake and having it look like a slice of a big hamburger cake.

Hamburger cake by Laura W., DeQuincy, Louisiana

Hamburger Cake

A coworker of mine was having a birthday party for her daughter and decided she wanted a hamburger cake. The woman that was going to do it backed out. She found some pictures online and asked me if I could try to get close (I had never done anything like this before!). After I had agreed to do the cake my parents informed me that we were going camping for the weekend. So I did the cake in our camper!! I’m surprised it turned out as well as it did considering the circumstances.

The two buns are made of one butter recipe yellow cake halved between two 9-inch round pans. I made my own buttercream icing and colored it a light brown color. The meat part of the cake is a dark chocolate fudge cake. I only used about half of the cake mix in a 9-inch round pan. I made chocolate buttercream icing and colored it a dark brown using a tiny amount of black coloring along with a lot of brown. (Be careful not to use too much black!! Wilton black is what I used and if using too much the black color mixed with the brown of the cocoa turns into a disaster!)

I frosted the bottom bun, added the meat on top and frosted it. I then colored some extra buttercream icing green and used a leaf tip to make the lettuce. I used a thin round tip to fill in a few spots with what looks like mayonnaise. I colored fondant (first time using it!) and used cookie cutters to make the tomatoes and pickles and then I used a knife to cut cheese pieces. I then frosted the bottom part and edges of the top bun and flipped it on top. I frosted the top filled in a few more spots with mayonnaise and then added Rice Krispies to look like sesame seeds.

This hamburger cake was a blast to do! The woman who wanted the cake was extremely excited!

Hamburger cake by Beki C., Angola, IN

Hamburger Cake

I got the idea for this hamburger cake on this website. I baked a 9″ two layer white cake and a chocolate one of the same size. The white became the bun and the chocolate the hamburger. The lettuce, onions and tomatoes are spice drops rolled out and cut into appropriate shapes. The cheese is melted starbursts.

I made the hotdog by cutting a section out of a pre made pound cake and inserting two Twinkies end to end and frosting accordingly. Of course the mustard is yellow icing and the relish is diced up spice drops.

The French fries were the trimmings from the pound cake cut into strips and arranged into a pile with red frosting for ketchup. It was a hit at my son’s 2nd birthday party!

Hamburger cake by Amy S., Sharpsburg, GA

Hamburger Cake

We saw several photos of a hamburger cake and decided to try it ourselves. We made the top bun with a Pyrex bowl and the hamburger meat is a brownie and the bottom bun is a 9in round cake. The fries are just sugar cookies. The mustard and ketchup are red and yellow icing and we made the cheese by melting white chocolate and mixing yellow and orange icing colors. We poured the chocolate on wax paper to shape it like cheese slices and then put it in the freezer to set. We iced the cake with a mixture of Wilton yellow and peach icing colors. The sesame seeds are peanut butter chips.

Hamburger cake by Jeannine R., Eugene, OR

Hamburger Cake

I gathered most of my ideas from this website for a hamburger cake! Buns with Sesame Top: two Yellow Cake Mix (Lemon works also). Mix cake mix as directed. After you grease and flour the pans (use a pyre or other oven safe round bottom bowl for the bun top and a matching or slightly larger bottom cake pan) sprinkle on a few sunflower seeds in the top bun cake pan/dish and pour the cake mix in. I used one whole cake recipe for the bun top and cooked it for approximately the same time as a bundt cake. Allow the cake to brown slightly to give it a brown bun look. Allow to cool and freeze until ready to assemble the finished product.

For the hamburger I used one Brownie Mix. Prepare mix as directed and bake in a pan slightly larger than the bun top for an extra meaty burger. Use parchment paper to line the bottom to ease brownie out after baking. You might have left over brownie mix you want a burger at least 1 ½” thick. Allow to cool and freeze until ready to assemble finished product.

Hamburger Cake

For the French Fries I made sugar cookies cut into long rectangular shapes and for the Mayonnaise one to two tubs of white frosting (used to help glue burger ingredients in place). The Ketchup is two to three cups strawberry cake/pie filling OR take two cups of strawberry daiquiri mix and ½ cup of water and four tablespoons of cornstarch. Using a whisk mix cold water first with cornstarch then add to strawberry daiquiri mix in a pan on the stove. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat and whisk until thickened approximately three to four minutes. Remove from heat and allow cooling and placing in a zip lock baggie to use as a “ketchup” dispenser.

When ready cut a small bit out of a corner and squeeze “ketchup” onto “French fries” and in a dollop beside them. Save half to put on the burger!

I found a great fondant recipe (one recipe makes enough for one large hamburger cake) Soften by micro waving for a few seconds if necessary. Add food coloring in small bowls and use the back of a spoon to mix color into fondant. Please only work with a small amount of fondant at one time (it dries out fast) and place lid on the remainder between.

For the Cheese Coloring use two parts yellow to one part red. Mix to make cheese color! Roll out on saran wrap and fold edge of saran wrap back to make a square piece of cheese. Finish wrapping cheese in plastic to keep fondant pliable until cheeseburger creation. Make three or four large slices. Do the same for pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

For the Pickles roll into small balls and flatten to round pickle shape. Lettuce: Roll into flat disks and using a knife cut an S-curved edge to make little lettuce strips. Cut in an arc to place lettuce around edge of burger. Tomatoes: two parts red to one part yellow. Roll into large discs. Make four for the burger.

Now you are ready to put the hamburger cake together. Bake cake buns and freeze. Bake brownie burger and freeze. Make French fries (sugar cookies cut into strips and baked until they turn slightly brown) and store in air tight container. Step 2: Make fondant and allow to rest one hour or overnight before making creations. Step 3: Make ketchup. Allow to cool. Refrigerate overnight if not assembling cake right away.

Place bottom bun on large pan to one side (I used a pizza pan covered in foil). Spread 1/3 of white frosting (mayo) on bun allowing some “mayo” to show. Place pickles in the middle and place lettuce strips around edge of bottom bun. Make sure the lettuce touches the mayonnaise to help “glue” them in place. Place burger brownie on top of lettuce. Spread 1/3 of white frosting on top. Place “cheese” so that corners hang out over edge of “burger.” Place tomatoes on top of cheese using a small dollop of white frosting to cement them onto the cheese. Spread ½ of strawberry ketchup on top. Spread remaining “mayo” on the underside of the top bun and place bun on top of the burger creation. Arrange cookie “French Fries” and spread the remaining ketchup in a dollop beside them. Drizzle some of the “ketchup” over the “French fries.”

Use bamboo skewers to hold the hamburger cake in place until time to reveal your masterpiece. Refrigerate the cake until party time.

Hamburger cake by Alexis S., Calgary, Canada

Hamburger Cake

The first layer of this hamburger cake is white cake with Bavarian cream filling and B/C icing (tinted light brown for bun color).

The second layer is a chocolate cake with chocolate B/C icing Strawberry filling and chocolate crumbs for side texture. Thinly rolled and color tinted Fondant lettuce tomatoes and onions added.

Hamburger Cake

The top layer is a white cake baked in Pyrex bowl B/C icing (color tinted) and Fondant sesame seeds.

Hamburger Cake

Hamburger cake by Shannon C., Turners Falls, MA

Hamburger Cake

For this hamburger cake, I just used a little glass bowl. I didn’t want to make a big cake. It was really simple

I cut the white cake in half to make the burger bun and then in same size bowl I made a chocolate cake for the burger. Then I frosted the bottom bun, added lettuce, then the burger, the cheese ketchup and mustard and then the top bun.

All in all it took about one half hour to frost.

Hamburger Cake

Hamburger cake by Susan S., San Juan Bautista, CA

Hamburger Cake

I used three cake mixes for this hamburger cake, baking the top bun in a Pyrex bowl and the other two were baked in 9-inch round cake pans.

The hamburger meat was achieved by first icing one cake layer and then covering with crumbled chocolate cookies. The bottom of the bun was made with the other 9-inch layer. The tomatoes were made by dipping store bought cookies into red glaze icing. The lettuce was made with green gumdrops rolled very thin. To keep the gumdrops from sticking to the rolling pin I sprinkled sugar onto the gumdrop as I rolled.

This hamburger cake looks harder to make than it really is. Make sure you have all your pieces ready (frosted rolled etc.) before you start to assemble. I ended up adding the marshmallow eyes to make it more fun for my 7-year-old.

Hamburger cake by Marcia S., Lake Forest, CA

Hamburger Cake

Even for a beginning cake decorator like me this hamburger cake is so easy to make. I used one 6 inch round vanilla cake for the bottom bun one 6 inch round chocolate cake for the meat layer and baked another vanilla layer in a small Pyrex bowl for the top bun.

I made a simple butter cream frosting for the buns. I used brown and yellow icing tint to make the bun color. After frosting the bun layers I set them aside to air out and form the crust on the frosting to later smooth out with a piece of wax paper.

The tomatoes, onions, lettuce and cheese were all hand formed out of premade Wilton fondant. They were in a set of primary colors so I didn’t even have to color them myself. Just rolled out the fondant and cut them into the shapes.

Then simply assemble the burger as you would a real cheeseburger. I used rice cereal for the sesame seeds on the top bun. A nice thought to this simple treat!

Hamburger cake by Sally G., Onancock, VA

Hamburger Cake

For the top and bottom bun of the hamburger cake we used one box of yellow cake mix. The bottom bun was made in a circular 9 inch pan and the rest of the batter was put in a duralex bowl which had the shape of a top bun and had a diameter similar to the bottom (wasn’t exact but close enough).

Greasing and flouring the dishes made getting the cakes out easier. The hamburger was made from one box of chocolate cake mix.

We cooked it in a large casserole dish. We didn’t have to use all of the batter but we wanted a huge burger! Again flouring the dish made removal much easier.

Hamburger Cake

To assemble the hamburger cake we started by putting the bottom bun on a plate then we put a little icing on top. Then the hamburger went on. We crushed chocolate cookies and mixed them in with chocolate icing to make a more “meaty” effect for icing the hamburger part. We iced the entire hamburger even the top.

For the condiments we made white frosting and dyed it various colors. Orange was used as cheese which we put four triangles on the hamburger to resemble a slice of cheese. Next we used green icing to make lettuce and then tomatoes were put on which were made from thin chocolate cookies covered with red frosting.

The top bun was put on top of all of this and white sprinkles were used as sesame seeds. Yellow and red frosting was served on the side as mustard and ketchup.

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