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Cool University Emblem Cakes

This cake was done for a friend of mines daughters’ school. I found it on birthday cakes online. It was just a regular 9×13 pan iced with buttercream and using tip #21 for the outside border. And I used piping gel to sketch out the wild cat and then filled it in using tip #16. Turned out great, it was a big hit for their fundraiser.

More University Emblem Cakes

Cake by Jessica D., Pompano Beach, FL

University Emblem Cake

My boyfriend is a huge University of Miami football fan so I decided to make him a UM cake for his birthday. I used a sheet pan for the cake and carved the U and the football by hand. I made a basic vanilla butter cream icing of thin consistency and iced all sections by hand.

It was very simple but it looked and tasted great.

Cake by Rebecca V., Tampa, FL

University Emblem Cake

My friend’s step-dad was graduating from University Of South Florida and I was asked to make a cake for a huge graduation party. It originally was going to be just the USF Bulls logo but we needed more cake. My friend came up with the idea of looking at birthday cakes online to get some idea of what to make.

I baked two half sheet cakes. Betty Crocker white cake mix is the best tasting moist easy to work with (doesn’t fall apart when shaping) cake I have used. I cut the first one in half lengthwise and put them on two half sheet boards.

I had printed out the logo on my computer, enlarged it on a copy machine, cut it out and placed it on the cake. Cut around the paper and all you have to do is ice your cakes. Wilton buttercream is my favorite recipe. I sprayed the logo green and let it dry before I piped the borders. Everyone was amazed when they saw the cakes and it was so simple.

Cake by Liane G., Sunrise, FL

University Emblem Cake

This one was a Groom’s cake at my cousin’s wedding! It was a huge hit! I found the idea while searching for birthday cakes online.

I started with a rectangle cake (12 X 18). When it cooled I leveled it. Next I used a template I traced of the Gator logo to cut the cake to the proper shape. To ice I used buttercream icing and Wilton colors. I started with the sides and outline. To smooth it out I used my finger dipped in cornstarch.

To draw the rest I simply cut out a little of the template at a time to draw the sections and filled them in with icing as I went along. The Gator was filled in using tips 16, 17 and 18 from Wilton. The cake took quite a while to do but as a Gator fan I was willing to spend extra time! GO GATORS!