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Coolest Go Gators Emblem Cake

I have had a set of twins babysitting for years now and have known them since they were 2! They are moving up to Gainesville, FL this year to attend University of Florida. So being the cake enthusiast that I am I decided a Go Gators emblem cake was in order!

I baked 2- 9″ circle cakes and filled them with a chocolate filling and iced the whole cake in chocolate as well. I then freehanded the Gator Emblem by looking at one of my son’s hat. I started with the blue icing and smoothed with a spatula dipped in hot water. I then add red icing gel for the tongue. I outlined the gator with green, tip #3, and filled it in with stars, tip #16. I added the teeth in white, tip #3, as well as outlining the whole gator head.

I piped orange with tip #12. I piped around the perimeter of the top and bottom and added blue/orange mini m&m’s for decoration. Around the side of the cake I iced the message “gators here we come!” (The word gator was all capitals and was piped with alternating blue and orange letters).

The girls loved it, but I think my 3 boys might have loved it more!

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