Coolest UGA Mascot Dog Cake

I am not a pro and only make cakes for friends, family and friends of family. My first attempt at making an animal was a daunting one. This die-hard University of Georgia fan wanted a cake resembling Uga, the college mascot. He is not only a huge fan of this college and their football team … Read more

Cool University Emblem Cakes

Coolest University Emblem Birthday Cakes Online

This cake was done for a friend of mines daughters’ school. I found it on birthday cakes online. It was just a regular 9×13 pan iced with buttercream and using tip #21 for the outside border. And I used piping gel to sketch out the wild cat and then filled it in using tip #16. … Read more

Go Hogs! Razorbacks Birthday Cake!

Go Hogs! Razorbacks Birthday Cake!

Here in southwest Arkansas we love our beans and cornbread, fried potatoes, sweet tea and yes ma’am we love our Razorback Hawgs. Why one of the first things we teach our precious babies is to call the hogs!! Woooooo …. pigs…. Sooie !  can be heard throughout our state as we cheer our teams on … Read more

Coolest Bucky’s Stanley Cup Cake

Coolest Bucky's Stanley Cup Cake

My son is a huge fan of Bucky the Badger, the University of Wisconsin mascot. For his recent 6th birthday, he asked for a Bucky Badger cake, so I was busy making mental plans as to how to make one.  At the last minute, the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, and he decided he wanted … Read more

Coolest Tarheel Snowflake Birthday Cake

Coolest Tarheel Snowflake Birthday Cake

This Tarheel Snowflake birthday cake is three 8 inch cake layers of white almond sour cream cake recipe.  Snow flakes were made from cutters I bought on line, using marshmallow fondant and Wilton sugar crystal attached by using glue made from gum paste and water. The symbols and birthday message were printed from my edible printer on sugar sheets.  Using … Read more

Coolest University Emblem Cake

Homemade University Emblem Cake

It was my son’s birthday and as you can see on the cake he is a JMU football player. And he absolutely loves my homemade chocolate cakes. So he had an 8″ double layered chocolate cake with chocolate icing. This university emblem cake is covered in a gray fondant. For the logo I printed a … Read more

Coolest Alabama Crimson Tide Emblem Cake

Homemade Alabama Crimson Tide Cake

This Alabama Crimson Tide Cake was done by using Frozen Butter Cream Transfer. I taped the picture to the back of a metal cookie sheet and then placed a piece of wax paper over that. I traced out the picture using # 2 tip and black Wilton icing in the tube. I put the outline … Read more

Coolest Ohio State Buckeyes Cake

Homemade Ohio State Buckeyes Cake

Every year I try to come up with a creative way to celebrate the Ohio Sate University versus Michigan University football game. I decided to make a Block O Ohio State Buckeyes Cake. I used 2 cake mixes and a large sheet pan. The cake took forever to bake, and was slightly depressed in the … Read more

Coolest Texas Longhorns Cake

Homemade Texas Longhorns Cake

It was a small party so the cake isn’t very big, although it could easily be made bigger. I just baked a 9″ square cake. Once cooled, I shaped it, using a knife, into the shape of Texas. I had to use some of the cut off pieces to get the shape just right. I … Read more

Coolest Go Gators Emblem Cake

Go Gators Cake

I have had a set of twins babysitting for years now and have known them since they were 2! They are moving up to Gainesville, FL this year to attend University of Florida. So being the cake enthusiast that I am I decided a Go Gators emblem cake was in order! I baked 2- 9″ … Read more

LSU Tigers Birthday Cake

Homemade LSU Tigers Birthday Cake

This homemade LSU Tigers birthday cake was made for my daughter’s boyfriend. White sheet cake, butter cream icing. Made transfer from a pic. Out lined with piping gel then placed on cake and lightly smoothed with finger tips, then remove paper. I outlined with black icing all details, then piped in with star tips 13 … Read more