Blues Clues and Megenta Cake

My 3 year old wanted a Blues Clues Birthday Party. I have a Wilton pan, but I’m not a fan of having to star tip the whole cake. So I started searching the net looking for other ideas.

These two cakes are a 9×13 cake pan with 1 1/2 box of mix each. I found a coloring book page of Blues face and blew it up to fit just inside the cake pan. I baked the cake, then froze it for 24 hours.

While it was still pretty frozen I placed the pattern on top and stuck toothpicks down in it to keep it on the cake. I then just cut them out with a knife. I colored one blue for Blue and one pink for Magenta. Of course I then made darker colors for their spots and noses. Their eyes are just white icing, and in this picture its M&M’s inside the eyes but I ended up changing it to chocolate chips.

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