Cool Homemade Blues Clues Cake Using the Wilton Blues Clues Cake Pan

My daughter loved Blues Clues, so we made her a Blues Clues cake for her 2nd birthday. We used the Wilton Blues Clues Cake Pan to make the cake.

I used the Wilton Cake Release with a pastry brush to completely coat the inside of the pan prior to pouring in the batter. After it was done baking, it easily came out of the pan with no areas sticking. I decorated it per the instructions on the pan. We crumb coated the entire cake in thinned white icing. We used tips 3, 16, and 21. We used tip 3 to pipe in the Happy Birthday message on the Handy Dandy Notebook. We used tips 16 stars to decorate the bulk of the body in the dark and medium blues.

We also used tip 21 to outline the entire cake when we were finished. We placed the entire cake on a saran-wraped cake board so the icing wouldn’t bleed onto the cardboard top. I believe this pan is discontinued, but we were able to easily find it online. My daughter loved her Blues Clues cake and we had a ton of left over cake!

The instructions that come with the pan were very helpful in showing how to do all the techniques required. It provided step-by-step instructions and was easy to follow. It was a big hit at her party!