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Cool Homemade Bowling Alley Cake

This bowling cake took me about 6-7 hrs to do!

+ First I took an 11×14 cake pan and took two cake mixes and did the lane with two of these pans. I did a double layer but you could do one layer.

+  Made the bowling ball with a  ball pan I had purchased on Amazon.com. (1 cake mix)

+ Then I took a mold that I had purchased on Amazon.com and made pretzel and chocolate to make the pins.

+ Then I put together the frosting with the colors I needed.

+ Frosted the cake  (bowling alley)

+ Took the ball and put it together with frosting in between the two layers and pinned it together with doll rods so it wouldn’t fall.

+ Then frosted the ball.

This was for my daughter’s bowling team dinner and they all really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun to make.

Coolest Bowling Cake

Coolest Bowling Cake

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