This bowling party birthday cake was for my five year old’s birthday party at our local bowling alley. My daughter wanted a pink bowling ball with pink sparkles. I had the Wilton ball pans from years ago and I cut the bowling pin shape from a 11×15 inch sheet cake. I used homemade butter cream in white and I tinted some in light and dark pink for the ball and outlines.

The most difficult part was cutting the pins and completing the crumb coat on the pins. The crumb coat is essential to get a smooth finish on the cake. I also set the ball cake on top of a bowl so that I can frost the entire ball.  Once I finished the crumb coat on the ball and pins everything else came together pretty quickly. I wanted to clean up the border but ran out of time.

This is only my 3rd homemade and self-decorated cake so I continue to improve my skills and hope to keep producing better cakes..