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Coolest Bowling Shirt Cake

We had a bowling party for my son’s 5th birthday. I was so excited when I found fun plates shaped like bowling shirts so I decided to make a cake that matched. The day before I made the cake, I rolled red fondant (from a package) flat in cornstarch and cut out what looked like a shirt collar. I used paper towels rolled up to help form it while it dried.

The fondant was tricky to work with, and I had to repair a few cracks here and there. I used two boxed yellow cake mixes in a half-sheet cake pan. Once cool, I cut the bottom 1/4 off to use as the arm sleeves (cut as triangles) and carved what I thought look close to the shirt outline.

I crumb-coated the cake (fitting the sleeves on) with vanilla butter cream and let the icing set. I colored a 1/4 of the icing blue that matched the blue on the plates (doesn’t read the same color in the picture but it was pretty close). I iced the sleeves and blue stripe on the shirt and then re-iced the white parts with a second coat.

I fitted the fondant collar on the cake and made a few detail outlines with red, made a black bowling ball using gel icing and used white chocolate chips for the buttons. I was pretty pleased with the result as this was my ‘first’ creative cake.

While I was making the cake, my hubby decided to make bowling pins and bowling balls out of rice-krispy treats. He then covered the pins in melted white almond bark with fruit roll-up stripes and the bowling balls were chocolate almond bark. We set the pins and bowing balls up on Styrofoam blocks with toothpicks. The guests loved eating the pins as much (or more) than the cake!

Homemade Bowling Shirt Cake

Homemade Bowling Shirt Cake

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