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Cool 3D Bowling Birthday Cake

For my son’s 6th birthday party we did a bowling party. I searched for cake ideas on this website for a 3D bowling birthday cake , and fell in love with the 3-D bowling pin idea. I started off with two sheet cakes, yellow and devils food.

After icing the sheet cakes, I needed to figure out how to get the bowling alley lines straight on the cake.  My wonderful husband came up with the brilliant idea to use his laser level to pipe the lines straight, it worked perfectly! I then used fondant for the bowling lane triangles  and started on the bowling pins. I used a shortcake cookie mix, baked the bowling pin cookies with cookie pops inserted.

After icing them white and red I moved on to the bowling ball itself. I wasn’t sure how to get the ball of the cake a complete circle, then my husband again came up with the idea of using an unusual cake pan (a 3-D rubber ducky pan) for the ball.  I partially filled the head part only, cooked it, and carved off the beak and it was a perfect 3-D circle for the ball!  I used no-taste black, star tipped the entire ball and outlined the finger holes in white.

I waited until we arrived at the bowling alley to assemble it, and my son loved the end-result!  It was only after the party, in the pictures, that I noticed I misspelled “birthday” in my rush at the alley!  He didn’t notice, and it will make for a good laugh for years to come!

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