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Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cakes

I got my inspiration for this cake from this wonderful site for butterfly birthday cakes. I used the butterfly pan for this cake. I decorated with regular white frosting such as Duncan Hines (the key is that it has to get hard). Then pipe on the desired wing pattern. I then refrigerated the cake for about an hour. While the icing is setting decide what colors wanted. I used the color gels and mixed it with enough water so that I could paint the coloring onto the chilled icing. Then just have fun with it

More Butterfly Birthday Cakes

Cake by Domini M., Palmerston, North New Zealand

Butterfly Birthday Cakes

This beautiful butterfly cake is quite simple to make. First I baked a round cake and four cupcakes. The round cake is then cut in half and the cut edges shaped to resemble the edges of a butterfly’s wings as in the picture. The cake was iced with ready made soft white icing tinted light green for the wings and yellow for the cupcakes. The cake should be lightly spread with jam before the rolled out icing is applied, molded to fit and trimmed.

I made the heart shaped meringues in advance. Any standard meringue recipe will suffice. The meringue mixture is then piped onto baking paper in the shape of hearts. Sprinkle them with sprinkles before baking them at very low heat for 30 minutes or until dry to touch. I recommend making a few spares of these in case they break. The edges of the wings are decorated with colored marshmallows cut in half.

The remaining decoration on the wings is silver cachous and a bigger type of sprinkle. The feelers are made of pipe cleaners. The eyes are sweets that I think are called M&Ms in USA. We call them smarties! And the mouth is made from a scrap of icing colored pink. I did check out other butterfly birthday cakes but none were as special as this one!,

Cake by Ame F., CA

Butterfly Birthday Cakes

I made this cake for my daughter’s third birthday. We had a butterfly theme so a butterfly cake was a must. I baked a Kabocha spice cake with a pastry cream filling and lightly sweetened cream cheese frosting colored yellow and pink with natural food colorings. For the wings I used a 13×9 cake pan and cut it once it was cooled from corner to corner on the diagonal. The larger triangles make up the upper wingers and the smaller the lower.

The body is made from two mini loaf pans. I cut about a 1/3 off each loaf and shaped the top and tail topped off with sunny yellow pipe cleaner antennae. All the raised decorations are made from marzipan also colored with natural food colorings purchased at a health food store (side note re: natural colorings: I also got a ‘blue’ that didn’t work at all as it’s made from blueberry extract that looked muddy more than anything else).

It was my first try at butterfly birthday cakes and it was a big hit with all the guests. The only problem was the marzipan is so yummy my daughter tried to eat it all before I finished decorating.

Cake by Brooke B., Colorado Springs, CO

Butterfly Birthday Cakes

My daughter needed a cake that would be easy to take to school. I wanted cupcakes for the serving size but still wanted a cake and the butterfly cupcake idea was born. I laid out the template with empty liners so I knew how many cupcakes to make. After they cooled I set them out for a final pattern and found out I needed about four less than I had thought. I individually frosted each one very lightly then laid them out on a piece of colored cardboard.

To fill in the centers I used a light whipped frosting in a decorating bag with a very fat tip. It was very thick and I just swirled it around until it was more even. I added the color by first doing the outline in pink frosting with a bag and star tip. Then I just filled in the rest with color, one star at a time.

The body is a line of mini-cakes set up on large Popsicle sticks I glued together. I got the idea for the pipe-cleaners from other butterfly birthday cakes on this site. The head is plain because that is the one Gluten-free cupcake we needed to have.

This does not transport well, you would have to find a way to secure them to the board. It was easy to make and turned out so good.

Butterfly Birthday Cakes
Butterfly Birthday Cakes

Cake by Khashifa T., Cape Town, South Africa

Butterfly Birthday Cakes

The preparation of butterfly birthday cakes is simple. I did a normal sponge cake mixture (I made a double mixture). This way the cake came very high. Baked in a square pan and cut the butterfly free-hand. I used my own ideas and colors for the decoration. I mixed all colors from white icing.

Cake by Rebecca H., Melbourne, Australia

Butterfly Birthday Cakes

A friend and I designed this cake using four of the Wiltons butterfly cake tins as parts of the wings. This cake is actually the size of a picture frame. The picture doesn’t do it justice! We used musk sticks to frame the inside of the body then filled it with layers of lollies.

This cake was for my daughter’s first birthday which fed 100 people. It is not the usual butterfly birthday cakes you see and the kids just got stuck into it!