Coolest Call of Duty Cake 15

I made this Homemade Call of Duty Cake for my nephew Jacob’s birthday. He is always playing the game on his ps3. I bought a couple packs of army men and tanks. The garnade actually works when you squeeze the trigger. And it being an army type cake I had to use dog tags.

I made 2 9′ round cakes that were chocolate with vanilla filling and icing. I dirty iced the cake once it was filled and stacked on one another. Then stuck in freezer for approx. 30 mins, to get hard enough so the icing would stick on easier.

I used the grass tip for the boarders and used the Wilton spray to color the cake. I made the icing a brownish color and added the green and black spray. I was able to get the spray at our local Walmart.

It was the first time I had used the spray and I loved it. Once I got it covered and sprayed, I put back in freezer for approx. 15 mins. I then placed the army men in their places and added the granade and dog tags. For the helicopter, I used a wooden square stick that you can use for grilling, and covered it with camo ribbon and cut to fit just above the cake.

The cupcakes were strawberry cupcakes with vanilla filling and icing. I also used the grass tip on half of them and put the camo toothpick in them that i found at our local SUGARCRAFT store. They sold the camo cupcake holders with star toothpicks together. On the other half of cupcakes I used a knife to spread the icing and just spotted in different areas and used the Wilton spray for them.

Homemade Call of Duty Cake

Homemade Call of Duty Cake

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