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Cancer Free Celebration Cake for a Cowboy

This cake was made to celebrate our pastor’s youngest son’s declaration of being cancer free after 3 years of wonderful treatment at St. Judes for leukemia.  Isn’t that cause for celebration YES!  And he LOVES to watch those cowboys stay on til the end!  So we thought it appropriate to celebrate the Lord’s blessing with a bull riding champion cake!

Anyway, the cake is a double butter 1/4 sheet cake with homemade peanut butter/chocolate filling and covered in butter cream  The side “fence” is chocolate fondant rolled out and cut into strips with grey buttercream barbed wire. The plaque is poured white chocolate that has been tinted green. And the bull is just poured chocolate Wilton candy melts, melted and poured on waxed paper that was over a piece of clip art.  

The cowboy is piped white chocolate that I “painted” with Amerigel Colors. Didn’t know how that would turn out but my fondant cowboy got all broken up…guess the bull ride was too much. I made him the same way as the bull. The top arena is surrounded by Kit Kats and Pretzel sticks.  Name is made with candy melts formed in letter molds and dirt is crumbled cookies. As you can see we piped on the many prayer words offered up.  We all are especially thankful and privileged to be able to celebrate such a special day!  Ride ’em Cowboy!

Cancer Free Celebration Cake for a Cowboy

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