Coolest Western Themed Birthday Cakes


My sons opted to have a joint birthday celebration with a Western Bull Riding theme. They even had mechanical bulls to ride at the party. I created this cake after searching the internet for inspiration.  They each had their own individual round cake, topped with fondant accessories. Jake had a cowboy hat, and Josh a … Read more

Father Son Birthday Cactus Cake

Father Son Birthday Cactus Cake

I made this cactus cake  for my good friend who commissioned me to make a birthday cake for her husband and son’s combined birthday party. Cake baking is relatively new to me. I just started this year and I have fallen head over heels in love with baking and frankly, I might be a little obsessed. … Read more

Barbed Wire and Cowboy Boot Birthday Cake

Barbed Wire and Cowboy Boot Birthday Cake

I made this cowboy boot cake for the 80th birthday of a dear friend of mine that enjoys working on his ranch in west Texas when he’s not at the office in Dallas. He was so pleased with his cake. I really enjoyed creating it and thinking of him out on the ranch, knowing that … Read more

Coolest Western Cowboy Cake

Coolest Western Cowboy Cake

This western cowboy cake was made for my grandson for his second birthday. He lives on a mini farm and loves all of the farm animals as well as horses. He loves to dress like a cowboy and wear his western boots and cowboy hat, so this just seemed like the best cake to make … Read more

Coolest Cactus Flower Cake with Spaghetti Quills!

Cactus Flower Cake

This cactus flower cake was for a housewarming the church gave for my daughter. It fit right in with the southwest country theme of the party. Everyone thought it was a real cactus and no one wanted to cut it. LOL! The cake was made in dark chocolate and covered with lots of buttercream applied … Read more

Coolest Toilet Seat Horseshoe Cake

Horseshoe Cake 1

Myself and my caking partner were contacted by a customer about doing a baby shower cake. The client sent us a picture of what she was wanting, it was a 10″ square cake covered in green fondant with white polka dots and on top of that was a horseshoe shaped cake covered in a cow print fondant.  … Read more

Cancer Free Celebration Cake for a Cowboy

Cancer Free Celebration Cake for a Cowboy

This cake was made to celebrate our pastor’s youngest son’s declaration of being cancer free after 3 years of wonderful treatment at St. Judes for leukemia.  Isn’t that cause for celebration YES!  And he LOVES to watch those cowboys stay on til the end!  So we thought it appropriate to celebrate the Lord’s blessing with … Read more

Coolest Cowboy Boots and Hat Cake for Cowboy Birthday

Coolest Cowboy Boots and Hat Cake for Cowboy Birthday

This Cowboy Boots and Hat Cake was made for a special little cowboy to celebrate his 8th birthday.  The cake itself is a vanilla butter 1/4 sheet cake, which I made starting with a boxed mix and then altered (gasp #1). The icing is crusting homemade vanilla butter cream. The cake was baked using the … Read more

Coolest Horse Birthday Cake Ever

Coolest paint horse ever

This is my first horse fondant cake. I used oval pans to make the body and did a little sculpting to shape the body and  put a thin layer of butter cream icing. I put it in fridge to set and then colored some fondant black. I covered the body and head with white fondant and rolled … Read more

Awesome Abandoned Gold Mine Birthday Cake

Abandoned Gold Mine Cake

My son, Alex is into science, particular geology- geodes, rocks, and minerals. He desperately wanted an abandoned gold mine cake for his 8th birthday, which isn’t the easiest thing to create in the world, but I figured I could at least try. It took a few trips to different suppliers to find the edible rocks, … Read more

Coolest Cowgirl Birthday Cake

My friend asks me to make a cake for her daughter’s birthday every year since I love doing it and she hates it. For her 6th birthday, her daughter had a cowgirl party and wanted a chocolate raspberry cake in the shape of…you guessed it, a cowgirl.  Finding very little cake inspiration online, I found … Read more

Beautiful Horse Cake

Beautiful Horse Cake

I had to make a Horse cake for my cousin’s surprise birthday party. So, I was looking on Pinterest and found one that I liked very much so I decided to make that one. Well, I found some chocolate molds online  a month ago.  I was crammed for time but I got it done just in time to bring … Read more

Gitty-Up Cowboy Cake

Gitty-Up Cowboy Cake

I make this Gitty-Up cowboy cake  for my son’s 6th birthday. For weeks my son asked for a Soccer birthday party so I was dead set on making a soccer cake for him, BUT at the last minute he decided he wanted a cowboy birthday party. With only 2 days to change EVERYTHING from soccer to … Read more

Coolest Akubra Hat Cake

Coolest Akubra Hat Cake

This Akubra Hat cake was done for a mate who is a real all round man of the land and former bull rider. Rarely ever seen without his Akubra hat on his head, he was turning 40 and I was asked to whip something up. I decided I would try to replicate his famous hat. My … Read more

Cool Homemade Cowboy Birthday Cake

Homemade Cowboy Birthday Cake

I made this Cowboy Birthday Cake for our state fair competition in August. I got the idea from other pictures on this site and others. I used fondant to cover the cakes, and fondant to sculpt the cowboy and horse. I piped the bandanna with black and white Wilton’s recipe icing. I braided fondant and … Read more

Coolest Cowboy Boot Birthday Cake

Homemade Cowboy Boot Birthday Cake

This is a cowboy boot birthday cake I made for my dad’s 50th birthday. The actual boot on top is made out of rice krispies and covered in fondant. I made it to look like my son’s boot. The rest of the cake is just 14′ and 12′ square cakes covered in fondant. The hardest … Read more

Cool Homemade Wild West Scene Birthday Cake

Homemade Wild West Birthday Cake

I made this homemade wild west birthday cake for my son’s fourth birthday party which had a Cowboys and Indians theme. I am a bit of a novice, but was quite pleased with the result. I baked two Madeira sponges a 13 x 9 inch rectangle and a 9 x 9 inch square, and iced … Read more

Cool Homemade Cowboy Boot Birthday Cake

Homemade Cowboy Boot Birthday Cake

I made this Cowboy Boot Birthday Cake for my friend Elisha’s 30th birthday. It is covered in fondant and the bottom has black fondant cut outs that I got wet on the back so that it would stick to the white fondant. The boot is made from rice krispies and covered in fondant. I also … Read more

Coolest Cactus Cake

Homemade Cactus Cake

I made this Cactus Cake for a May meeting that fell the day after Cinco de Mayo. It is 2-15 inch round cakes. The filling is coconut cream. The frosting is yellow butter cream. The Cactus and pepper vines are green butter cream. The four sleeping Mexicans are white butter cream with black butter cream … Read more

Coolest Western Birthday Cake

Homemade Western Birthday Cake

One of my friends, Sheena, is from Oklahoma and is a barrel racer so I thought a western themed cake was fitting for her birthday party. She is a member of the national barrel horse association (NBHA), hence the barrel on the front of the cake. I started this Western Birthday Cake with two 10 … Read more

Coolest Homemade Western Birthday Cakes 0

This was a cake for my grandfathers 79th birthday. He is really into the western stuff so searched your site for western birthday cakes and this is what I made. I just used a character pan and iced it using tips #4 and #16. Buttercream icing works great when doing cakes, doesnt melt and holds … Read more

Cool Homemade Cactus Cake

Homemade Flowering Cactus Cake

We are snowbirds that spend the winter in the desert, and love the cacti. I made this Homemade Flowering Cactus Cake for a couple from Germany. It is a round yellow cake, with green buttercream filling. I piped the flowers and needles with royal frosting as well as the plant itself. The dirt is graham … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cowboy Birthday Cake Ideas 0

I did this cake for Wells Fargo bank! I used a 9×13 pan and cut in half to stack then shaved it to shape the stage coach. I used pretzels for the top and miniature candies for luggage. For the cactus I just used a square pan and cut out the shape of the cactus … Read more

Coolest Cowgirl Cake

Cowgirl Cake

For my daughter’s 3rd birthday, we did a cowgirl themed party and I wanted to find the perfect cowgirl hat cake but could not find one or a pan to make one, anywhere so I made one myself. I started with a 13 x 9 sheet pan for the base of the cake/brim and then … Read more