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Coolest Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

My little boy was turning one and I was determined to make his birthday cake myself. Cooking and baking in particular is a hobby of mine (although I’m by no means fantastic at it) I do however enjoy it.

I used the Wilton Teddy Bear stand up pan for this teddy bear birthday cake. I was a bit scared of it at first but it actually wasn’t that hard. First I baked two 8inch round cakes and sandwiched them together with yellow buttercream. I used a standard sponge mix for this. Nice and light. Then I spread a thin layer of strawberry jam all over the cake and covered it with rolled white icing. Then I piped little yellow buttercream stars around the edges just to give it a finished look.

I left that aside and started on the teddy. I used a heavier sponge mix for this otherwise the teddy would just flake and fall apart. It needs to be strong as its easier to decorate. I used what we call in Ireland a Maderia mix. I think its called Pound Cake in America.

When the bear was cooked I let it cool fully. First I iced on the bear’s face using a black icing pen. Then I iced the rest of the bear using two shades of brown buttercream. I used cocoa powder to make it brown and I used an icing bag to pipe on the buttercream.

Finally when the bear was finished I sat it on top of my round sponge base. This is where my mistakes started to show. First of all I didn’t realize the bear would be so heavy. This made the rolled icing crack slightly. Secondly, because the bear was so heavy it made the base slightly sink.

However, none of this was important. The cake looked great but most importantly tasted great. My little boy LOVED it.

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  1. What a lovely cake, it’s absolutely adorable. Which I had the courage to make my little princess one for her 1st birthday. Well done!


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