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Coolest Casino Cake Idea – Pink Dice

My husband loves poker and gambling so I thought a casino cake and gambling theme would be fun for his 35th birthday (notice the three and five on the top of the cake).

This casino cake is very simple to make. Make 4 four round cakes (two boxes) and once they are cooled place on cooling rack with flat side up and use toothpicks to mark the corners of a square and cut rounded edges off and set aside.

Place first layer on tray (flat side up) and add filling then place second layer (flat side up) on top and frost with any frosting. I used store bought frosting and added food coloring. Use Hershey kisses as the numbers pushing the top of the kisses into the cake.

I decorated the tray with small playing cards, play money and poker chips (wrote the birthday year that we celebrated on the center of the poker chips). The two small white dice in the front of the picture are squares cut from the cake, frosted and decorated as mini dice.