Hand-Drawn Eagle Birthday Cake

After icing the cake I drew the eagle on the cake using the end of a rose nail. I used the grass tip for the feathers and raised it off the cake a bit to give it texture. I airbrushed the shadows with black. The beak was airbrushed yellow, orange, and a little bit of … Read more

Cool Homemade Eagle Cake

Cool Homemade Eagle Cake

My girls are allowed to choose what they want for their birthday cake every year.  When my eldest turned 7 she asked for a Bird of Prey cake.  I tried to get ideas for some kind of 3d cake but in the end settled on doing a flat version.  I trawled through all her cartoon … Read more

Coolest Bald Eagle Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Bald Eagle Birthday Cake Design

My husband loves Eagles, he has so many!! So I decided to make him an Bald Eagle Birthday Cake Design. This is a large round sponge cake. I have covered the entire cake with butter cream and then laid rice paper down which I had traced the eagle picture onto. Using a leaf piping gun … Read more

Coolest Eagle Cake

Homemade Eagle Cake

I made this Eagle Cake for my brother’s graduation/going to college party. He is going to Morehead in the fall and their mascot is an eagle. I got inspiration from a cake I saw on this website but didn’t have the tools they had available. I baked a couple of Paula Dean “mama’s” pound cakes … Read more

Coolest Eagle Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Eagle Birthday Cake Idea

My Father-in-law loves Eagles and I wanted an Eagle Birthday Cake Idea for his birthday. I couldn’t find any that I liked so, looked for pictures of eagles. I found one and printed it out. I then drew it on parchment paper to enlarge it (16in long) and use it as a stencil. I used … Read more

Awesome Homemade 3D Eagle Cake

Coolest Eagle Cake Photos - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

Here’s my eagle cake made for my daughter, who turned eight and absolutely loves eagles! This site didn’t have any ideas for eagles so I created this eagle cake. I baked two cakes in 2-qt Pyrex bowls and stacked them on top of each other for the body. I baked one cake mix at a … Read more