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Coolest Eagle Birthday Cake Idea

My Father-in-law loves Eagles and I wanted an Eagle Birthday Cake Idea for his birthday. I couldn’t find any that I liked so, looked for pictures of eagles. I found one and printed it out. I then drew it on parchment paper to enlarge it (16in long) and use it as a stencil.

I used two box cake mixes and two 18×11 ½ deep cookie sheet to cook the cakes in. After the cakes cooled I used my stencil and cut the cakes. Making mirror images of them so, when I went to layer them they were the right way. I filled it with homemade vanilla custard. After they chilled again I dirty iced them and rolled white fondant on it. I used Wilton’s icing color (golden yellow, black and brown) to paint the details on.

For the feather details I used the opposite side of the paint brush and drew in the icing color.

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