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Coolest Eagle Cake

I made this Eagle Cake for my brother’s graduation/going to college party. He is going to Morehead in the fall and their mascot is an eagle. I got inspiration from a cake I saw on this website but didn’t have the tools they had available.

I baked a couple of Paula Dean “mama’s” pound cakes in a Pyrex bowl, baked one at a time. I baked two heart shaped cupcakes for the head, in retrospect I should have used at least 3. For the beak and the feet I microwaved Starbursts for 10 seconds to make them really pliable and molded them around skewers.

I used wedding cake icing and mixed it with brown and black gel coloring. A Ziploc bag was used for the piping. I reinforced it with packaging tape and cut a triangle out of the end to make a leaf tip. The eyes were regular candy eyes I tinted yellow with food color gel.

Homemade Eagle Cake

Homemade Eagle Cake

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