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Hand-Drawn Eagle Birthday Cake

After icing the cake I drew the eagle on the cake using the end of a rose nail. I used the grass tip for the feathers and raised it off the cake a bit to give it texture. I airbrushed the shadows with black. The beak was airbrushed yellow, orange, and a little bit of brown. The eye was done in gold, then used a 3 tip with black to outline it.  outlined the eye and nose. Airbrushed the background with blue.

When the people first saw this cake they were ecstatic.  They couldn’t believe their eyes. They said the eye on the eagle was so real it was following them around the room. It seemed almost a shame to cut up this delicate  piece of art.

The peoples reactions to this cake has inspired me to make more animal cakes. It is pretty amazing what you can do with cake. Just have to put your mind to it and let your imagination go wild.