Coolest Giraffe Birthday Cake

Homemade Giraffe Birthday Cake

This Giraffe Birthday Cake is one of my son’s first birthday cakes (yes we had two – one for home and one for the party at nanna’s). The idea for this cake came from my son’s favorite toy. It was a giraffe dangling from his play gym. I found a recipe for a giraffe cake … Read more

Coolest Homemade Giraffe Birthday Cake

Homemade Giraffe Birthday Cake

The inside of the Giraffe Birthday Cake was like a giraffe’s skin colouring when the cake was cut. She then covered the cake with ready to roll white icing and painted green leaves on it so that when the giraffe’s (Geoffrey apparently) head was placed on the cake, it would look as he was looking … Read more

Sweet Giraffe Birthday Cake

The cake was made with two oval chocolate cakes. I cut the head from one and the body from the other. It was covered in buttercream. The bottom half served the 15 people at the party and the head was left over so I guess it would serve around 30 people. As you can see … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Fondant Giraffe Birthday Cake

Homemade Giraffe Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a Giraffe Birthday Cake, so I came up with this cute one. I used the Wilton doll pan for the body (I had to shave down the sides of the cake to shape it into a smaller body), mini ball pan for the legs. I shaped the head out of rice crispie … Read more

Coolest Giraffe Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery 3

I decided on the giraffe for obvious reasons and iced leaves for the bottom of the #1 so it looks like he is sticking his head through the trees. This was so easy as you can see from the birthday cake photo and I enjoyed making it. It was a big hit!

Coolest Giraffe Safari Birthday Cake

Homemade Giraffe Safari Birthday Cake

This Giraffe safari birthday cake is the cake I made for my son Damian 1st birthday, the giraffe was removable and used as his individual personal cake! I knew this cake was going to be a challenge for me, and a long process. I am not a great baker but with preparation, patience and time … Read more

Coolest Giraffe Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery 4

Once it was built up I starred over it just like the rest of the cake. I also changed the mouth a little from the mold. I used tootsie rolls for the “horns.” I rolled them with my hands and shaped them to look as they do. I jammed them into the top of the … Read more

Cute Homemade Giraffe Birthday Cake for my Son

Homemade Giraffe Birthday Cake

My eldest son chose a Giraffe Birthday Cake for his 9th birthday. This cake was based on a photograph that we took of a real giraffe during a family trip to South Africa in 2008. I traced the enlarged photo and used this as a template to cut the cake to size. The cake was … Read more

Coolest Zebra and Giraffe Cakes

Homemade Zebra and Giraffe Cakes

I made these Zebra and Giraffe Cakes for my twin boys’ 3rd birthday. They chose the animals themselves. I drew pictures of the animals based partly on pictures in a sticker book then cut these out and used them to cut around after I had cooked and frozen the cakes. (I made a chocolate-vanilla swirl … Read more

Coolest Ninja Riding a Giraffe Cake

Homemade Ninja Riding a Giraffe Cake

I have two sons with birthday’s only 9 days apart. One really likes ninja’s and the other giraffes, so they asked me to make them a cake with a ninja riding on a giraffe. I started this Ninja Riding a Giraffe Cake with just a plain 13×9 pan, then iced it and added blue fondant. … Read more