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Coolest Baby Giraffe Cake

I made this Baby Giraffe Cake for a friend’s one year old granddaughter. It took a total of 12 hours to complete. I used four 9×13 pans, cupcakes for the legs, and a bowl shaped pan for the head. I cut the cakes in half and stacked them on top of each other. I frosted each layer before stacking. I then shaped the cake and frosted the entire thing with a thin layer to prepare it for fondant. I used a simple white cake mix and doubled it. I also used a homemade Marshmallow fondant I found online, and a simple butter cream icing of my own creation. Everything is edible.

I used light and dark brown for the coloring. The horns are held in by toothpicks and made entirely out of fondant (same as the ears). The ribbon around the neck is fondant, and I used a bell shaped cookie cutter to make it. To make the spots I used a small circular cap and simply cut out pieces. I then trimmed the pieces with the same tool.

I hope to make this cake again in the future to perfect it.

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