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Coolest Homemade Giraffe Cake for my Granddaughter

This giraffe cake was made for my granddaughter on her 6th birthday. It was made using the wonderful cake decorating book by Lindy Smith. What an inspiration this cake decorator is!

Using sugarpaste to cover the board I used diluted paste colours to paint the board using creams through to golden brown. I made the head and body from two shaped cakes split with jam and filled buttercream. Covered them in a cream coloured sugarpaste and added the various bits and pieces, ears, legs, tail etc.

The markings on the body were made by using a darker (than the body colour) sugarpaste and then painted with a brown paste colour. A fun cake to make and enjoyed by my granddaughter!

4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Giraffe Cake for my Granddaughter”

  1. What a fab cake..was looking for a friend for her grandsons birthday..might be making this one! well done..its great!

  2. This is brilliant! Just made it for my son’s first birthday cake. Our looks a bit more rustic but still lovely! Thanks

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