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Sweet Homemade Baby Block Cake

I was hostess of a baby shower for one of my good friends and I was in charge of the cake. I love making things for other people, but this baby block cake was a lot different than making birthday cakes.

I made a 12×15 cake with 2 cake mixes. It could’ve used 3 for it to be thicker. She was having a boy, so the colors weren’t hard to decide on. I wasn’t sure of the design until after I put my crumb layer icing on. After I had that done I just decided to star decorating.

Using the star tip is very tiresome on your hands, so be prepared. I had to stop and take little breaks because my fingers would cramp. I had these decorative favors leftover from the diaper cake I also made and decided it would be perfect on the real cake so it would all match.

I was very pleased with it after I was finished and so was the mom to be. Everyone said how moist and delicious it was. It fed about 35-40 people.

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