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Awesome Homemade Pink Baby Shower Cake Design

A friend asked me to make this Baby Shower Cake Design, the only thing I had to go on was that it needed to be pink! I had a rough idea in mind, but it actually took two weeks to make all the little squares, which are made from sugar paste.

I also made individual cakes with each one topped with a pretty square. The mum to be was delighted with the results.

1 thought on “Awesome Homemade Pink Baby Shower Cake Design”

  1. This is a beautiful cake! It looks as though the pink icing made with fondant, is that right? I always have trouble making the bottom of my cakes look neat and, in an effort to tuck the icing underneath, it ends up all messy. I’ve also tried just trimming them with a knife instead, but they almost look unfinished that way. I then have to resort to hiding the bottom edges with decoration!
    Is there a knack to it? Yours looks so neat!

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