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Cool Homemade Baby Block Cake

This Baby Block cake could be used for either a baby shower or a birthday cake. The bottom cake is a 1/2 sheet pan that I frosted flat and put a star border around the bottom with a #21 tip. The top border is also a #21 tip that I just drew a wavy line around and then used a #14 and #16 tip to make colorful stars on.

The big stars are from a pan that I have that is star shaped. I frosted them before I put them on the cake, then transferred with an angled spatula. For the blocks I used a 6″ square pan, 2″ deep. I cut the cake into 9 2″ cubes. I only needed 6, I’m sure my kids ate the other 3!

I frosted each cube in the light blue frosting first, then I transferred the blocks, one at a time to the cake with the angled spatula. I started in the middle of the cake and finished each block before putting the next one on. I used a #44 tip to make the lines on the edges of the blocks and a #4 tip for the numbers/letters.

Tip: When cutting a cake, freeze it first, it makes it easier to cut.

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