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Coolest “May the Force Be With You” Birthday Cake

My niece is very into Star Wars right now.  She came to me and asked if I could make her a cake for her 6th birthday. With those big begging eyes looking at me how could I say no.  She wanted Lightsabers on it, because that is her favorite part of the movie.

Well the planning in my head started and I decided to make them out of rice Krispie treats and then put sugar sheets on them for color.  Lets just say they were a little harder to make than I thought.  UGH!  I did get them done at last.  The rest of the cake was not hard at all.  I bought some star necklaces to cut apart to use as decorations and bought some figures to use, also.

Then the day of the party arrived.  We had all the kids stay on the front porch and then as we opened the door the Star Wars theme music was blaring as they entered.  My niece was a little taken back with the music and the decoration and then she saw the cake.  She loved it. She would not let anyone eat the blue Lightsaber, because she wanted to take it home.  That is Luke’s as most people know and she LOVES Luke.  So funny!!  I’m pretty sure this aunt came through for her niece this birthday.  One step up on the favorite aunt ladder.  Well being the favorite is what it’s all about, right?  The smiles make it all worth it!


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