Awesome 3D Storm Troopers Helmet Cake

Awesome 3D Storm Troopers Helmet Cake

I was asked by my co-worker for a last minute 3D Storm Troopers helmet cake.  She wanted a birthday cake for her husband, and he loves Star Wars.  She showed me a picture of what she wanted, she gave me a warning beforehand and said she wanted something “different”.  When I finally saw the picture, … Read more

Coolest Stormtrooper Birthday Cake

Homemade Stormtrooper Birthday Cake

This Stormtrooper birthday cake was my first cake completely covered in fondant. I have used it only for decoration before. This was made out of three cake mixes. One cake was baked in a 9″ x 13″ pan, the second in a 9″ sq tin and the third in a pyrex bowl. The cake was … Read more

Coolest Clone Captain Rex Cake

Homemade Clone Captain Rex Cake

My son loves Star Wars, the Clone Wars, and wanted Captain Rex on his cake. I found a drawing of Captain Rex on the Clone Wars Website. I traced the drawing and then made a pattern out of card stock. I cut the card stock pattern so that I could lay it on the Clone … Read more

Coolest Clone Trooper Birthday Cake

Homemamde Clone Trooper Birthday Cake

My son is a huge Star Wars fan and so am I. I wanted to make a Storm Trooper Cake for his 5th birthday but after looking at his Star Wars Annuals, I decided that the Clone Trooper looked easier. This website was a massive inspiration and the tips from other cake makers were a … Read more

Coolest Stormtrooper Cake

Homemade  Stormtrooper Cake

My 5 year old insisted on a Star Wars Storm trooper cake so I searched the internet and only found two examples that I liked. It looks more difficult to do than it actually was to make. This cake was made with two chocolate cake mixes and a rice krispie treats. I cooked one cake … Read more

Cool Homemade Storm Trooper Birthday Cake

Homemade Storm Trooper Birthday Cake

My son loves Storm Troopers and had a very specific color and design he wanted, so it made this Storm Trooper Birthday Cake extra special. I started with a 14 inch round cake pan which required 3 boxes of cake mix. After that was cooled and leveled I frosted it with white. I used a … Read more

Coolest Storm Trooper Birthday Cake

Homemade Storm Trooper Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Storm Trooper Birthday Cake after seeing the fantastic ones on this website. My boyfriend is obsessed with all things Star Wars (he’s 29, haha) and definitely all things Storm Trooper so it was an easy decision! I firstly made one cake in a 9″ round pan, and then another one. I … Read more

Coolest Captain Rex Cake

Homemade Captain Rex Cake

My 8 year son loves Star Wars and in particular Captain Rex. For his birthday he wanted a Star Wars Clone Wars themed party. I had no trouble finding decorations but when it came down to a Captain Rex cake, I couldn’t find anything but an edible image (which he detests) so I set out … Read more

Coolest Captain Rex Mask Cake

Homemade Captain Rex Mask Cake

For my son’s 9th birthday we decided to go with a Clone Wars theme. We made a Captain Rex Mask cake from a 9×13 chocolate cake. We carved the elevated pieces out of an 8″ round. We used a mask template for all of the shapes and pieces. We covered it in chocolate frosting and … Read more

Coolest Troopers Star Wars Birthday Cakes 0

I used a boxed chocolate cake mix and a can of store bought white icing since I knew I would spend a lot of time decorating the cake. I made a 9″ round and an 8″ round from the mix the night before so it would be completely cool before I decorated it the next … Read more

Coolest Troopers Star Wars Birthday Cakes 1

Firstly I baked a basic large round butter cake and a smaller loaf. While that was baking I made buttercream icing: (you may have to convert measurements) 1/2 cup cremelta,1/2 cup butter, 1 tsp clear vanilla essence, 4 cups sifted icing sugar (approx 500g), 2 Tbsp milk. Cream butter and cremelta together until whipped and … Read more

Coolest Troopers Star Wars Birthday Cakes 2

Once you have the basic design for the Star Wars birthday cakes, the detail will add depth. I chose to use fondant on the outside because it gave the cake a realistic, smooth finish; opposed to using butter cream (If you decide to go with butter cream or a whipped topping, be sure to use … Read more

Coolest Troopers Star Wars Birthday Cakes 3

I made one 12-inch round cake (and a bunch of regular and mini-sized cupcakes, in case I needed them for scraps to build out the shape, but I didn’t need them). I cut out the printed picture of the mask to use as a stencil, placed it on top of the 12-inch cake round, and … Read more