Coolest Clone Trooper Birthday Cake

My son is a huge Star Wars fan and so am I. I wanted to make a Storm Trooper Cake for his 5th birthday but after looking at his Star Wars Annuals, I decided that the Clone Trooper looked easier. This website was a massive inspiration and the tips from other cake makers were a big help.

So for this Clone Trooper Birthday Cake I used a buttermilk cake recipe from Nigella Lawson, this cake doesn’t crumble too much making it easy to work with. This was the first time I have worked with fondant icing and was surprised at how easy it was to work with. I bought the white and black and added food colouring to the blue. A little icing goes a long way.

Once I cut out the cake and built up the shape, I covered the whole thing with buttercream and then the fondant. It definitely helps to cut out templates out of paper first. I think it looks fab and it tasted good too!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Clone Trooper Birthday Cake”

  1. You’re right! It does look fabulous! Great job! My five year old wants one for his birthday too. A Captain Rex, but this looks more doable. It will be my first time with fondant as well. Hopefully it goes as well as yours! Thanks for the pix.

  2. wow!!!! u done a gr8 job hun my friends son has asked me to do him a captain Rex for his birthday i do quite a few cakes for family and friends so hopefully it will turn out ok thx for the pic its helped me a lot cos i can’t find a pic of Rex anywhere x


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