Coolest Homemade Star Wars Cakes

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Cake by Amy R., Katy, TX

Coolest Star Wars Cakes

My husband and I collaborated on Star Wars cakes for my nephew’s seventh birthday party. A couple of days before the party I made the chocolate character molds. I found these on eBay or some similar site. They are used with the meltable chocolate discs found at most craft stores. You can color the white chocolate with candy dyes. I purchased a small bottle to dispense the chocolate and I also micro waved it. I painted in the color details like Darth Vader’s red and blue detailing on his front and the like on R2D2. You can speed the drying between layers by placing the molding trays in the refrigerator.

Next I poured in the main color of chocolate. I used milk chocolate for Chewbacca, white chocolate for Darth Vader R2D2 and Yoda and a peanut butter-flavored chocolate for C3PO. When you put in this main color of chocolate also put in a lollipop stick (make sure your mold allows for this). This will help ensure proper placement and structure for the cake.

Star Wars Cakes

I let these set in the refrigerator until set. I carefully unfolded them and kept them in an airtight container until we were ready to serve the cake.

I started with a cake frosted with white buttercream icing, similar to the one I saw on this site for Star Wars cakes. I then used blue-tinted spray color for cakes similar to airbrushing. I sprayed the entire cake blue. Next I striped my pastry bag with orange and yellow pre-made frosting. I piped the borders and corners in a flame-like design. I piped the birthday message with a writing tip.

Star Wars Cakes

Once I decided where the Star Wars chocolate molds would best go I piped a “flame” base to set them on later. This would help to disguise the lollipop stick. I also piped white stars and dots all over the top of the cake. At party time all I had to do was insert the chocolate characters on their lollipop sticks into the pre-piped flame bases. I placed a few candles where I had piped white stars and the cake was ready!

Cake by Lisa H., Canton, MI

Star Wars Cakes

I made this last weekend for my 5 year old son’s birthday party. He is very much in to Star Wars so I searched this site for Star War Cakes. I used two chocolate box cake mixes and baked 2/3 of the batter in a 14×10 rectangular pan and 1/3 batter in a 9 in round pan. Make sure to line bottom of pans with parchment paper.

I frosted part of the rectangle cake with chocolate frosting from a can. I used canned white frosting colored with yellow and red gel coloring to make the orange lava. The pieces of “land” are created using broken pieces of Hershey bars. I created the volcano by stacking pieces of cake that I cut with three different sized round cutters from the 9in cake. I frosted it with the chocolate frosting then briefly heated some of the orange frosting in the microwave and let it drip down from the top of the volcano.

I secured the Obi-Wan & Anakin figures with a little melted chocolate to the bottom of their feet. It was very easy to make and my son loved it!

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