Coolest Captain Rex Cake

My 8 year son loves Star Wars and in particular Captain Rex. For his birthday he wanted a Star Wars Clone Wars themed party. I had no trouble finding decorations but when it came down to a Captain Rex cake, I couldn’t find anything but an edible image (which he detests) so I set out to design a Clone Cake.

I baked 3 dozen white cupcakes and iced them in white . Next I placed them in the rough shape of a clone helmet, then I spread the icing out over all of them to smooth it. I added extra icing to make sure it was an even layer.

Next I used a picture of Captain Rex to draw the mask features free-hand with a toothpick. From there I just added black and blue icing (precolored purchased tubes) and finished it off with a little black Wilton’s cake color spray for the “shadow” look.

I added the 6 cupcakes at the bottom to put his name on the “cake” somewhere. He loved it and it was super easy to do free hand not to mention serving cupcakes at a party is so much simpler than cutting cake.

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