Mario Kart Cake and Party

I was thrilled when my nephew requested I made him a Mario kart cake.  I myself am a super Mario fanatic. He loves everything Mario.  I started making the characters first; there is a number of ways and materials you can use to make them.  I made the karts out of rice crispies and molded them into squares and covered them in fondant.  You can also use wafer cookies and stack them, frost them and cover them in fondant or marzipan.

I made my own fondant using marshmallows. For the wheels you can use Oreos or roll licorice into round form.  The characters I made out of a mix of fondant and gum paste equally.  For the cake itself I used a 10 and 8 in pans preferably the deep dish ones to save you baking time and give you more time to decorate.  I use 3 layers to give it volume for each tier. To stack them I used boba straws and skewers.  For the bottom tier I used the checkered board method to resemble the race track. For this part of the cake you can use fondant, marzipan or candy.  If you use candy make sure to not handle it too much because it becomes very sticky.

Starburst is a great candy to use; you can make the rainbow road track with the different colors. I used a diamond or square cookie cutter to make the squares. If you don’€™t own that cutter you can use a   template of a square that you can trace and cut. I made the bananas out of banana taffy and painted the tops with edible maker. The second tier I made a tunnel and the chain dog in super Mario.  You can use anything for the top tiers background; I decided to keep it simple.

For the banner I used construction paper and skewers and hot glue them together. My nephew was so excited he kept  showing his party guest his cake and that his auntie made it for him.  I have a quick tip as well for all my crafters out there. I made this cute goodie bags out of brown paper bags and construction paper. It’€™s inexpensive and fun to make, with only two bucks you can make dozens of goodie bags. It’s simple, I found this coloring pages online of the characters and printed them out. I colored them in and cut them out individually. I made checker board patterns to add a little bit more detail. Once you have all the pieces glue them together, use hot glue instead of regular glue because it will start coming off.  Here is also a picture of the cake table after everything was finish.