Cool Animated Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

For this animated Mario Brothers cake, I had to purchase 2, cake pans 10”X 3”.  1 box of cake mix per pan  3 layers high, one white and two chocolate, with ½ half strawberry with vanilla pudding filling and the other half chocolate ganaches, which allowed the cake to settle on one side so I had to put more strawberries on the chocolate side for balance. 

I inserted 3 boba straws to keep the layers from sliding. The frosting I made had shortening in it and would not crust up so that caused a little smoothing problem when I went to put on the fondant. As the three layers sat in the fridge I made two different colors of LMF fondant to make sure I got the right one.  I made a cardboard base covered with foil and inserted two different holes, because it was going to sit on top of a base that would allow the toys to move on the top of the cake. I covered the cake with sky blue fondant and then some green cutouts and other items in the Mario bros theme.

I inserted a wooden dowel in the animation base and set the whole cake down on top allowing the dowel to stick up out the top of the cake that is where the mushroom and coins were going to spin around. Next I inserted another wooden dowel up from the bottom of the base to clear the top of the cake so Mario would go up and down inside a tube. I glued Mario to one end of the dowel and inserted the other end into a crankshaft located in the base. Once the animation was working as planed I finished putting on some more decorations and upon the customers request the street was added so they could put on some characters of there own. The cake base will require a deposit in case it is not returned.