Coolest Father’s Day BBQ Cake

Father's Day BBQ Cake

This father’s day BBQ cake was inspired by a similar one I saw on the Wilton website. This one is a 2-layer 10 inch white cake. Ahead of time I made the burgers and hot dogs out of candy clay. The recipe can be found on the Wilton website. I used chocolate candy clay for … Read more

Coolest BBQ Grill Cake

Homemade BBQ Grill Cake

This BBQ Grill Cake was for my husband’s birthday, because he loves to grill for our family! It was a super easy cake, which I believe anyone can make! I started with a dark chocolate cake mix, baked in a 13×9 glass dish. After completely cooled I leveled it off and inverted it onto a … Read more

Coolest Fathers Day Grill Cake

Homemade Fathers Day Grill Cake

This past fathers day I wanted to make a special cake for my stepfather. Since he likes to cook, this idea for a Fathers Day Grill Cake was perfect. It was not easy, but it came out pretty good. I used two 8″ round pans and stacked each one on top of the other. I … Read more

Coolest BBQ Pit Father’s Day Cake

Homemade BBQ Pit Father's Day Cake

My hubby has been wanting a new BBQ pit for several years. Money is tight so I decided to make him a BBQ Pit Father’s Day Cake. I baked two 9 x 11 chocolate cakes and put a layer of chocolate ganache between the layers. For the “pit” I just cut out a square from … Read more

Coolest Father’s Day Grill Barbecue Cake

Homemade  Father's Day Grill Barbecue Cake

I used the Wilton filling pans to create the Father’s Day Grill Barbecue cake to give the space for the charcoal (marshmallows tossed with black icing). It worked great as the black icing doesn’t completely coat the marshmallows giving it that ash look. I loosely mixed yellow and red icing to make the flames in … Read more

Coolest BBQ Pit Cake

Homemade BBQ Pit Cake

This Homemade BBQ Pit Cake was a Father’s Day cake for my friends. I made it with Fun-Fetti flavored cake and buttercream icing, with fondant “food” and grill. This was a really a fun cake to make!

Coolest BBQ and Meat-Shaped Cake Recipies 1

The actual BBQ is a Rice Krispie cake and all the food and decorations are made from chocolate or Candy clay! This one was fun to make. The smokies are cherry flavored, the cheese is vanilla and the burgers are mint choc! Candy clay is easy and fun to make.Thanks to this website for cake … Read more

Coolest Grill Birthday Cake

Homemade Grill Birthday Cake

I love to cook but am an amateur at baking! My husband wanted grill items for his birthday and after seeing the previously submitted “coolest grill cakes”, I couldn’t resist but to try and make a Grill Birthday Cake. And it was so EASY! I made a chocolate boxed cake in two different sized round … Read more

Coolest BBQ and Meat-Shaped Cake Recipies 2

This cake is a two-layer 8-inch cake with chocolate frosting. I used Tootsie rolls for the hamburgers and red starburst candies for the hot dogs. The grill and grill marks are sliced up black licorice. I was searching the internet for some cake recipies and came across this website. Thank you Belinda M. from Bronx … Read more

Cool Homemade Steak Cake

Homemade Steak Cake

I made this Steak Cake today for my husband from my kids for Fathers Day. He likes his steak rare so I made strawberry sponge cake and used a strawberry filling to crumb coat it and it kinda looks like the way he likes it cooked. Then I covered it with a white fondant for … Read more

Coolest BBQ and Meat-Shaped Cake Recipies 3

I made this cake for my brother-in-law who loves to grill. I used: 1- Reg. Box Cake Mix, Wilton buttercream icing, black, brown and red food coloring, 2 Chocolate Chip cookies, and 2 Twinkies. I put a little bit of black coloring in the white Wilton icing, just a little to create gray. With a … Read more

Coolest Summer Feast BBQ Cake

Coolest Summer Feast BBQ Cake

This Summer Feast BBQ Cake was made for my brother’s birthday. He loves to camp and cook out with his family, and he always gets 4th of July cakes for his July 3rd birthday, so I thought this would be a little different and it was the HIT of the party!! I used the tips … Read more

Coolest BBQ and Meat-Shaped Cake Recipies 4

This idea was spawned from a long-running anecdote among our close-knit circle of friends, who happen to have a strong affinity for steak. So, for those of you who share our passion for the tasty cutlet, here is how to make your very own [aptly named] “Steak-Cake” (it even rhymes!). We began with our basic … Read more

Coolest Meat BBQ Cake

Homemade Scotch Bottle & Meat BBQ Cake

I made this Meat BBQ Cake for a friends 45th birthday party BBQ. The scotch bottle was done by stacking four 4″ round cakes and supporting them with 5 wooden dowels. The 5th dowel in the middle I made long enough to support the neck and lid. The neck of the bottle is 1 cupcake … Read more