Coolest Raw Steak Cake

Homemade Raw Steak Cake

A coworker is a huge meat eater and I surprised her with a raw steak cake at work. I used 2 9inch round pans, stacked one on the other with icing between and then refrigerated to make stiff. I drew up an idea from steak cakes that I found online and then cut off around … Read more

Coolest Steak Dinner Birthday Cake Idea 23

Homemade Steak Dinner Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Steak Dinner Birthday Cake Idea for my husband for his birthday. This is a total “man-cake”. All my male relatives loved it. I carved the T-bone out of a 13×9 cake and used the left over to stack and carve the shapes of the potatoes and mound of peas. I poured melted … Read more

Cool Homemade Grill Birthday Cake

Homemade Grill Birthday Cake

This Grill Birthday Cake I made for a family friend’s 60th birthday, that’s where the title came from. The “grill” is a 9 x 13, 2 layer chocolate cake – mix from a box – with vanilla buttercream filling. I used gel icing color and vanilla buttercream for the grill and grass. The hot dogs … Read more

Coolest BBQ Grill Birthday Cake

Homemade BBQ Grill Birthday Cake

I got the idea for this BBQ Grill Birthday Cake from this site. I made a two layer cake, I used chocolate frosting and added black Wilton food coloring to it to make black. I covered the entire cake black. I mixed a bit of white icing to the black icing to make a lighter … Read more

Coolest BBQ Charcoal Grill Cake

Homemade BBQ Charcoal Grill Cake

Prep time: 2 hours (because of everything being made from scratch). Baking time: 2 hours (cakes), 1 hour (burger/dogs) 10 mins (Grill) Assembling time: 1 hour Total time: a little over 6 hours. I made this homemade BBQ charcoal grill cake for my husband’s work, they were having a BBQ. So I came to this … Read more

Cool Homemade BBQ Birthday Cake

Homemade BBQ Birthday Cake

This BBQ Birthday Cake is ideal for choc lovers too! This is a chocolate cake in chocolated pudding (BBQ sauce! Baked the cake directly on the wok! The grill is made from aluminum foil and kebab stick. Baked another small 3 round cakes for burger and left over for kebab. Bought small coconut donut and … Read more

Coolest Barbeque Cake

Homemade Barbeque Cake

I made this homemade Barbeque cake for our Father’s Day picnic. The pit is made from two 9×13 cakes. The first one is trimmed to have a flat top and placed on the cake tray. The second is hollowed out slightly to allow depth for the coals, and placed on top of the first one. … Read more

Coolest BBQ Birthday Cake

Homemade BBQ Birthday Cake

First I should point out that I am the least creative person EVER, but I was so inspired by the cakes I saw on this site and needed a cake for my granddaughter’s “Over the Hedge” birthday party! I must confess that I was in a time crunch, so I “cheated” by having a 10″ … Read more

Coolest BBQ Ribs Cake

Homemade BBQ Ribs Cake

For our party we decided to have a rib cook-off and I wanted to make a BBQ Ribs Cake to go along with the theme. I started with a standard 9 by 13 inch red velvet cake covered in cream cheese frosting. I made a batch of marshmallow fondant, set aside a small portion to … Read more

Coolest BBQ Cake

Homemade BBQ Cake

This BBQ cake was for my dad’s birthday. We got the idea off of this website and kind of combined a couple of ideas together! My husband made the stand from PVC pipe and plywood and he had the grate from an old grill! I used a spring form pan and used two cake mixes, … Read more

BBQ Cake

BBQ Cake

This BBQ cake is a three layer 9″ layer cake. I used buttercream icing for the icing. The grate is make from gumpaste, charcoal are reshaped chocolate kisses sprinkled with powdered sugar. The flames are also buttercream red/yellow. The hamburger and hot dogs are shaped from colored candy clay. I made the BBQ utensils from … Read more

Coolest BBQ Theme Birthday Cake

Homemade BBQ Theme Birthday Cake

This unique grill cake I made for my sister-in-law who was turning 30 and and my brother hosted a huge BBQ birthday party for her. I am the baker of the family so I decided to make a grill with some burgers and things for decorations. I made a 16″ round cake with fresh fruit … Read more

Cool Homemade BBQ Cake

Homemade BBQ Cake

Since we were having a BBQ for Father’s day, I decided to make a homemade BBQ cake. Most of the ideas I had gotten from this website. The cake is a layer cake covered with red and chocolate icing. The grates on the BBQ are black Twizzlers, the hamburgers are tootsie rolls with yellow Starburst … Read more

Coolest Barbecue Cake

Homemade Barbecue Cake

This homemade barbecue cake was made from the great ideas from this website. The hot dogs are made from tootsie rolls and Starbursts. The burgers are rice krispie squares, shaped into burgers and coloured with Nutella. Both burgers and hot-dogs were painted with black icing for the grill marks.

Coolest Homemade BBQ Cake

Homemade BBQ Cake

I made this BBQ Cake for Father’s day last year. I used a Pyrex bowl to bake the cake and then used a ham stand upside down for the bottom part. The steak and shrimps are molded out of fondant and painted with Wilton colors. It was a hit!