Coolest Meat BBQ Cake

I made this Meat BBQ Cake for a friends 45th birthday party BBQ.

The scotch bottle was done by stacking four 4″ round cakes and supporting them with 5 wooden dowels. The 5th dowel in the middle I made long enough to support the neck and lid. The neck of the bottle is 1 cupcake turned upside down and 3 small 2″ round cakes stacked on top. I covered the whole thing with bronze colored fondant and brushed it with pearl glaze to give it that glossy glass color. Then I attached black fondant for the bottle cap and designed a paper label on the computer. The label was attached using frosting and laminate backing.

The hamburger patty was added in the process of decorating the rest of the cakes. It was the top of one of the 4″ cakes (made from German Chocolate cake) that I had trimmed off to make the cakes stack level. The cake had cooled, top side down, on a wire cooling rack which left what looked like grill marks. My son saw it sitting on a plate and said it looked like a hamburger patty so I piped on some red frosting and yellow frosting for the mustard & ketchup.

The meat cake was very simple. It is a triple layered rectangle shaped cake made of strawberry flavored cake with strawberry jell filling. I baked 3 thin layers of cake and stacked them up with strawberry filling in middle then I trimmed to the desired shape using a knife and lightly frosted the outside with buttercream frosting. I kneaded together 2 parts red fondant (I used 2 parts red and 1 part burgundy dye to get the meat color) and 1 part white fondant until partially mixed, then rolled it out to get the marbled effect and smoothed it over the cake. It helps to make 3 ropes of the colors then put the white in the middle to get that fatty looking stripe down the middle. I then rolled out a white strip and attached it to the outside edge for the fatty edge.

Once that was done I took a very small amount of the pearl glaze again and dry brushed the top of the cake to give it a grainy and wet raw meat look.

The cupcakes I made with leftover strawberry cake batter, then cut out a small hole in the center and filled them with strawberry filling. I replaced the tops, frosted them and added some rainbow sprinkles.

This was a HUGE hit at the party. The birthday boy loved it!

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