Coolest Homemade Snowman Cake Ideas 0

For his seventh birthday my son wanted a snow-man theme and a snowman cake. It was perfect because we had major snow day the day of the party. It was a hit! So for this snowman cake I baked two 9′ cakes, one vanilla and one chocolate. This way the guests were able to pick … Read more

Coolest Christmas Dragon

Homemade Christmas Dragon Cake

Every year I make a cake for the Christmas centerpiece. Since I love dragons I combined the theme and made a Christmas dragon. Much of the structure is gingerbread cookies. It was really hard to get frosting into all of the nooks and crannies once the cookies were glued into place with royal icing though. … Read more

Coolest Christmas Birthday Cake

Homemade Christmas Birthday Cake

I made this Christmas birthday cake for the son of a friend of mine. It was his 1st birthday the second day of Christmas so I chose a Christmas scene. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate cream inside and whipped cream icing. All the decoration is made with sugar paste and the trees are … Read more

Coolest Towering Christmas Tree Cake

Homemade Towering Christmas Tree Cake

I made this Towering Christmas Tree Cake for a friend’s Christmas party. The base is two 9″ square pans filled with butter cream and the tree is one 9″, two 6″ (one of which carved down to be slightly smaller, a jumbo cupcake and finally a standard cupcake all torted with chocolate ganache. I cut … Read more

Coolest Christmas Ornaments Cake

Christmas Ball Ornaments

I love this cake! I made the Christmas ornament balls from rice krispie squares. I made all of the pine needles from gum paste, rolling it out very thinly and then chopping it with a knife, then spreading them out to dry. I then piped the branches with royal icing and stuck the needles in, … Read more

Coolest 3D Deer Hunter Cake

Homemade Deer Hunter Cake

This Deer Hunter Cake was made for an avid deer hunter. It is a double layer 8-inch cake covered in camo fondant. The fondant deer head is sculpted by hand and painted with brown, black, pink and tan gel colors.

Coolest Snowman Cake

Homemade Snowman Cake

I made this snowman cake for my son’s first birthday. I took the idea from Betty Crocker website and with few changes I prepared it. I frosted two sponge cakes, one was a little smaller than the other for the head. Then sprinkled shredded coconut on it to look like snow. And finally, with the … Read more

Coolest Christmas Snow Cake

Winter Wonderland.

Snowmen and ice skating penguins! Such fun. This Christmas snow cake was for my sister in law’s annual Christmas bash. It was huge(16×16) and weighed a ton. I made everything on it out of fondant except the rocks, which are made of chocolate and look so great. The snowmen were made from rice krispies and … Read more

Coolest Winter Wonderland Cake

Homemade Winter Wonderland Cake

I made this Winter Wonderland cake for a Christmas dinner with my husband’s family. The bottom tier is two 8-inch layers of spice cake with cinnamon cream cheese filling and the top is two 6-inch layers with the same flavors. The sides are iced in royal blue buttercream and the tops in white buttercream. I … Read more

Cool Homemade Christmas Tree Topper Cake

Homemade Christmas Tree Cake

This Christmas tree cake was a lot of fun to make. My mom’s birthday is 5 days before Christmas so she often gets a holiday cake from me but she doesn’t mind since she loves Christmas. The cake is covered and piped in butter cream. The tree is made of rice crispy treats and decorated … Read more

Coolest Homemade Reindeer Cake Ideas 0

I started with a large and a medium round pan for this reindeer cake. I carved the deer head out of the large round pan (including the ears)and pieced the antler together by cutting strips from the small cake pan and connecting them with chocolate icing. make sure to keep all of the cutting scraps … Read more

Coolest 6th Birthday Snowman Cake

Homemade 6th Birthday Snowman Cake

I used two different Wilton pans to bake this 6th Birthday Snowman Cake. The bottom was baked in a soccer ball pan and the top in a 3D bear pan. I used two boxed pound cake mixes for the cake. I mixed and baked each cake according to directions. For the cake baked in the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Snowman Cake Ideas 2

My daughter and my husband share the same birthday. We have a combined party and I make a big cake. The party theme this year was Frosty the Snowman being that their birthdays fall on December 30th and he always says Happy Birthday when he comes to life.  

Coolest Christmas Cottage Cake

Homemade Christmas Cottage Cake

My siblings and I remember fondly a cake that my mom made when we were little with the Wilton house pan for a Christmas party at our house so this year, I recreated a Christmas cottage cake with a few changes. I baked a small sheet cake (I didn’t want a HUGE cake because it … Read more

Coolest Homemade Christmas Cake Recipe Ideas and Photos 0

I used the Pampered Chef measuring bowl/pan to shape the base and a Christmas cake recipe. I used buttercream with a rectangular tip and after I sprinkled with aqua sanding sugar I kind of pushed it in so that each little square looks like an ice block. I used sugar cubes for the ice cubes … Read more

Coolest Christmas Tree Cake

Homemade Christmas Tree Cake

My son has a mid-December birthday and for his 5th birthday decided he wanted a Christmas Tree cake. I found a Wilton Christmas tree pan that made the cake in the shape I needed so easily. I used the Pillsbury Baking spray with flour and didn’t have any issues with the cake sticking. My son … Read more

Coolest Homemade Christmas Cupcakes 1

I made these ornament Christmas cupcakes as samples for a coffee shop and to show people what holiday items they could buy from me. First I made a regular batch of red-velvet cupcakes. I didnt have the mini-ball pan to make the rounded tops so I made my own molds. I used a ball that … Read more

Coolest Homemade Reindeer Cake Ideas 1

Supplies needed: buttercream icing tinted green and creamy light brown, but leave the majority white. Chocolate buttercream icing, tint some black, leave the rest as is, cake mix of choice, Wilton piping gel, a disposable decorating bag and waxed paper. Bake a round cake and ice white. In Microsoft Word I found a deer picture … Read more

Coolest Snowman Cake for 5th Birthday

Homemade Snowman Cake for 5th Birthday

I have never made anything like this Snowman Cake and thanks to this site, found tips and created a cake that our 5 year old loved! I used a round cake pan for the head and shaped 2 cakes for the bottom. I made marshmallow fondant and coconut for snowflake accents. I also used gumpaste … Read more