This is my favorite cake that I have ever created (it may have something to do with how much I LOVE Christmas as well that is features my favorite Christmas special.

I was asked to make a Christmas themed cake for someone and I could pick the design so I started playing with some sugar paste and decided I was going to take on the Rudolph theme.  I hand made all the figures over the course of a week and I loved creating the cake and adding the figures to the North Pole theme.

After I finished I admired it for a long time and then pick up time came.  The man who ordered it came in and loved the way it turned out…he went to leave and on his way he bumped his arm on our car and DROPPED THE CAKE!!!  He ended up catching it before it completely hit the ground but there was damage (he actually asked my husband to bring it back in for me to repair because he knew I would be upset and was embarrassed. 1 1/2 hours later I had it repaired the best I could and no one knew about the mishap (until now…hehe!)