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Coolest Santa Hat Christmas Cupcakes

These Santa Hat Christmas Cupcakes were an idea I found online. Just baked cupcakes as normal. I chose to do white cupcakes in a cute red and white polka dot cupcake wrapper. Frost with white frosting and I recommend cutting off the top of your strawberries flat straight across with a knife and choosing ones that are shaped like a triangle.

Used the white decorating frosting in a can to trim around the bottom of the strawberry and then placed on top of the cupcake in the center. Smooshed down into the white frosting on the cupcake already. Go around the outside again of the cupcake with the can of white frosting and then add the top of the Santa hat with a little dolup.

*If you don’t go around the strawberry again with the white frosting from the can they tend to slide and slip from the juice of the strawberry, especially if you need to transport them someplace added mini candy canes on the platter just to dress it up! Also for those that may not be able to eat cupcake, candy cane is a good alternative. * HO HO HO! Enjoy! Delicious and nutritious!

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