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Coolest North Pole Christmas Cupcakes

I got this idea for North Pole Christmas Cupcakes online. Bake cupcakes, whatever flavor you want. I chose to do vanilla and chocolate.  A box of each. I needed lots of cupcakes for a Christmas Party and for two different families where we would spend our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Frost with white frosting from grocery store. Cut candy canes in half on a paper plate.  Insert into middle of cupcake. Use white frosting in can or tub to glue on the candy ball or gum drop, I did a variety of both because I couldn’t decide which one was cuter. Plus some people love chocolate and some don’t. The balls I bought were Cadbury chocolate Christmas balls.

I sprinkled pink pearls or green or red sprinkles on my cupcakes to give it a Christmasssy feel. I made my own little sign with power point on the computer and chose a whimsical font and wrote North Pole. I copied and pasted about 50 to a page and printed on shiny paper. Cut them out and glued them onto each candy cane with white frosting.


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