Coolest Graduation Times Two Cake

Coolest Graduation Times Two Cake

What an honor it was to create a cake to celebrate the High School Graduation of two incredible kids.  When I ask about the theme for the party I was told: Jasmine likes purple, peace signs and music, Nykael likes red, plants, music…they both play the Clarinet. The school colors are red and black and … Read more

Coolest Preschool Graduation Cake

Coolest Preschool Graduation Cake

This is my 4 year old son’s preschool graduation cake.  The class was having a party at school and I wanted to make something REALLY special for them.  It was a huge hit! Even the teachers loved it, telling me other teachers and staff were coming to take pictures.  I was so pleased! I am … Read more

Cool Homemade Marshmallow Fondant Graduation Cake

Coolest Graduation Cake

I wanted to make a cake for my step-son’s graduation. I didn’t want to make another traditional star cake. We had bought him a graduation card and this is what I based my cake on. I looked for the perfect pan and found a bread/angel food cake pan. This way I didn’t have to do any cutting..hate … Read more

Cool Zoology-Themed Graduation Cake

Cool Zoology-Themed Graduation Cake

I was asked in 2012 to bake two graduation cakes for one family. I was told one would be a marine biology theme, the other zoology.  I asked what college and was informed these were high school graduation cakes.  Who knew?  I asked the color and was told the graduates didn’t want their school colors, just their … Read more

Peanut Graduation Cake

Peanut Graduation Cake

A friend of mine’s daughter was graduating from High School and he asked if I could make a cake shaped like a peanut (because that is his nickname for her). I think I did a pretty good job on it. It is all homemade including the cake batter, Italian buttercream base layer and the white … Read more

Coolest 1st Graduation Gown Cake

Homemade 1st Graduation Gown Cake

I made this 1st Graduation Gown Cake to celebrate my dad’s obtention of a doctorate degree. It was the first of this kind I made and it took me some reflection. That also explains the imperfect finish. By the side of it were a pile of books and a certificate but these are not on … Read more

Cool Homemade Graduation Cake With Cap

Homemade Graduation Cake

This is a graduation cake I made for a co-worker. The colors of the cap and gown were going to be white, so he wanted mostly white, but the school colors also included silver and blue. I actually made two 8″ inch double-layer cakes (one chocolate, one yellow), and put them side by side and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Graduation Cake Ideas and Photos 3

I made this graduation cake for my sons college graduation party May 2007. I baked two layers of cake in my 16″ Wilton round pan (that’s two boxed mixes per layer, four boxed mixes). I usually make one layer a yellow/butter cake and the other milk or dark chocolate layer. I add two to three … Read more

Graduation Cake


To start out with this graduation cake, I made one 10″ round cake and one cake in the wonder mold cake pan. After the cakes were cooled, I placed the round cake on the silly feet cake stand, and the wonder cake on top of it. I then frosted the entire cake in blue buttercream. … Read more

Coolest Flying Caps Graduation Cake

Homemade Flying Caps Graduation Cake

This Flying Caps Graduation Cake is a ½ sheet cake, which I made half chocolate and half white cake. It is frosted with buttercream icing and all of the embellishments are made with marshmallow fondant. In hindsight, I think I might have tried using clear straws to support the hats rather than lollipops sticks. I’m … Read more

Cool DIY Graduation Cake

Homemade Graduation Cake

My niece graduated from kinder. I’ve been making family cakes for years, precious moments was my inspiration. This Homemade Graduation Cake was chocolate with fondant. It was 3D. I made the cap, gown and flowers first then planted them on the cake itself.

Coolest Homemade Graduation Cake Ideas and Photos 4

This was my daughters graduation cake she made herself. It was a first attempt as part of her primary teaching degree. She had to do design and technology and the theme was “celebration” (so she chose her own graduation). She made it as a fruit cake (a recipe from Marks and Spencer recipe book) and … Read more