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Cool Homemade Marshmallow Fondant Graduation Cake

I wanted to make a cake for my step-son’s graduation. I didn’t want to make another traditional star cake. We had bought him a graduation card and this is what I based my cake on. I looked for the perfect pan and found a bread/angel food cake pan. This way I didn’t have to do any cutting..hate the crumbs when cutting cakes.

I made one a family favorite red velvet. One was a rainbow, for the kids and a yellow for those that don’t like the others. Unfortunately I didn’t understand that some cake mixes give you more cake batter than others and I didn’t think to measure them out, so that they would all be even in height, lol. I learn things the hard way. Tried my best to make them even by cutting them.

I covered them with butter cream frosting then a marshmallow fondant. I did the decoration on the outside with the butter cream frosting. I added my own touch with his name and the year and I believe the balloons. Everyone ate it and loved it. I was happy with it and it was fun to make.

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