I was asked in 2012 to bake two graduation cakes for one family. I was told one would be a marine biology theme, the other zoology.  I asked what college and was informed these were high school graduation cakes.  Who knew?  I asked the color and was told the graduates didn’t want their school colors, just their themes and to use my best judgment.  The marine biology cake was to be somewhat serious; the zoology cake they wanted more comical and fun.

Well, all of the graduation cakes I had made to date revolved around school colors and simply said “Congratulations Graduate” with the year. This was going to be fun, especially since I didn’t know the students personally. I set out to see what I could come up with. Since I was given very little to go on, I hoped the customer liked my designs. The hard part was coming up with something I thought would work.  The easy part was making the cakes. I actually ended up having quite a bit of fun doing them, and the customer was absolutely thrilled.