Cute Homemade Graduation Cake

I made this Graduation Cake for my brother’s girlfriend’s high school graduation party. It’s a 3/4 sheet cake. I covered the whole cake with homemade buttercream icing which I dyed the lift overs dark blue to match her school colors. Then I used tip 3 and the star tip to put writing on the top and side of the cake.

To make the Graduation cap I used a mini 3D ball pan, but only filled half of it after baking I put it on the cake. For the top of the cap I cut a piece of cardboard to fit. I covered the whole cap using a star tip. The tassel is made out of white buttercream using the star tip. For the diploma I used fondant and rolled it up to look like a diploma and finished it by writing diploma on it.

Then the last thing I did was put the white buttercream border on using the star tip again. *I always make sure I do the border last or I end up messing it up by putting my arm or hand in it.*